At NADA Show 2020, Outsell Debuts Auto Industry’s Only AI-Powered Omni-Channel Marketing Automation Solution for Auto Dealers, and Announces VIN Service Engagement

New VIN service solution and direct mail leverage AI to help dealers optimize the customer experience across channels and profit centers

From the NADA Show 2020, Outsell announced two new solutions intended to help auto dealers leverage Artificial Intelligence (AI) to better target their marketing and drive more sales and service revenue. Both are available immediately. 

The first is Direct Mail that’s driven by the same artificial intelligence, an add-on to the base Outsell platform that enables dealers to add direct mail in their omni-channel mix. With Outsell’s direct mail, the platform takes into account a dealer’s budget and objectives and suggests the right mix of customers and channels to optimize campaign results. Outsell’s omni-channel spend efficiency engine is the first of its kind in automotive.

The second is VIN Service Engagement, a major enhancement that marries together the sales and service sides of a dealer’s business. VIN Service Engagement combines AI-fueled insights with individual VIN data to entice customers to book service appointments. Offers are customized based on customers’ online and offline behaviors as well as where the customer is in their individual lifecycle (early, mid, late, discovery, shopping), including automatic service-to-sales capabilities. Content is presented dynamically across channels: web, social, mobile display, email, and now direct mail.

Nearly a dozen auto dealers have been using both solutions during a beta test phase. One is Honda Cars of Bellevue. Matthew Schworer, General Manager, said, “Outsell’s service offering is fantastic and very comprehensive. In the past, we’ve relied mostly on the OEM service marketing programs, which limit what you can do, and which customers you can target. Outsell has a smarter approach where we can send a much lower volume of direct mail and achieve better results. Plus, there’s no mark up on the direct mail per-piece or the Facebook media spend, so they aren’t pushing me to increase my budgets unnecessarily in order to boost their own profits. The OEM programs’ direct mail pieces are 5 times more expensive per piece and they even charge you for every email they send. Not with Outsell.”

Katie Rosenbaum, Marketing Manager with the Newton Motor Group said, “Outsell’s targeting methods are more advanced than other vendors I’ve used, and that translates into increased ROs on consumers who are harder to convert. I’ve never seen service reporting transparency quite like Outsell. That gives me confidence that the program is working. I also like how the program automatically guides the consumer from service to sales as the AI picks up on in-market timing signals. It really nurtures the whole lifecycle of the consumer while supporting our major profit centers.”

“Data is a dealer’s best and most underestimated asset. With the Outsell platform, dealers are able to differentiate themselves and earn consumers’ trust by leveraging their data with sophisticated artificial intelligence. AI has emerged as a powerful tool for auto dealers, and we have built it into every facet of the Outsell platform,” said Mike Wethington, founder and CEO of Outsell. “It’s like having your best salesperson right inside the software – Outsell listens, analyzes and dynamically presents personalized communications across channels and profit centers – delivering the customer experience and engagement consumers expect today. The Outsell platform provides a seamless transition from digital to in-person shopping or service. We’re excited to debut these new solutions at NADA.”

A recent comprehensive, multi-year study conducted by Outsell, RXA, and Experian showed that AI-driven consumer lifecycle marketing leads to:

  • 23% increase in repeat sales
  • 31% increase in service visits
  • $427 increase in individual customer value

Outsell will demonstrate its platform, including its newest offerings, at Booth #4490C during the NADA Show 2020. To pre-book a demo, visit: and earn a $50 gift card upon demo completion. Outsell is also running a vacation getaway sweepstakes through March 31, 2020. The winner will receive a $5,000 Delta Vacations gift card. Complete a demo before the deadline to enter.