Meet The Outsell Team


Can be found on Lake Minnetonka

Avid Vikings fan – SKOL!

Drink of choice: Dos Equis Lager

Aaron Jerdee
Territory Sales

Worked as an electrician in his spare time for over 10 years

Visited 9 countries

Has a cat named Princess Shadesworth…Shady

Aaron Baker
Product Operations

Concert guru

Doesn’t have a gallbladder

Passion for travel and experiencing new cultures

Alissa Mathisen
Dealer Success

Has a passion for the arts

Enjoys traveling to Puerto Rico

Bilingual with Spanish and English

Alice Piar
Dealer Support

13 Nephews—NO GIRLS

Published author

Worked in radio for 7 years

Amanda Meuwissen

Amanda Raskin - Program Services

Loves Audrey Hepburn Movies

Had a Dog ‘Moose’ and a Cat ‘Bones’

Born in California

Amanda Raskin
Program Services

Got engaged in Hawaii at sunset

Favorite movie genre – action

Outdoors enthusiast

Amy Hopp
Dealer Support

Allergic to almost everything, including fish and beef

Undefeated ping pong champion in college

Has an irrational fear of Ferris wheels

Andrew Swisher

Andy Wilson - Development

Learns to make new food every year

Plays the drums

Time’s person of the year ’06

Andy Wilson

Knits socks, hats, scarves, and mittens

Owner of a bulb on the Grain Belt Beer sign

High School was on an island

Angela Lawrence
Dealer Support

Has a home gym

Enjoys car maintenance and modifications

Snacks are part of everyday life

Anthony Chanthara

Aric McKeown - Program Services

Performing improv for last 20 years

Run a local podcasting network

Had a website on what TV to watch

Aric McKeown
Program Services

Barry Anderberg - Development

First computer was a Compaq 8088

Ran a BBS (bulletin board system)

Met wife on internet IRC channel

Barry Anderberg

Betsy Habermann - Account Management

Coach youth soccer for 6 years

Favorite movie is The Karate Kid

HUGE One Direction Fan

Betsy Habermann
Account Management

Has a 17-years-old​ turtle named Charly

Has 2 brothers whose name also starts with B

Been stung by jelly fish 5+ times

Brett Boldenow
Territory Sales

Likes to read, walk, and hike

Has a cabin in Wisconsin

Nickname is Baba

Carol Hoverman

Chris Good - Territory Sales

Frequent traveler

Has a Bachelor’s in Sociology

Ohio State Football fan

Chris Good
Territory Sales

Chris Johnson - VP of Development

Wife and kids speak French

Used to play drums in metal bands

Once worked on a project for NASA

Chris Johnson
VP of Development

Christy Johnson - Dealer Support

Married best friend in July 2015

Once held an Oscar

Hobbies include board games with husband

Christy Johnson

Corwin Haapala - Development

Enjoys building computers

Hosts annual Zelda-Off each year

Was on St. Olaf Rube Goldberg team

Corwin Haapala

Craig Vore - Product

Played in a Punk Rock Band

Did 5-day Jungle Trek in Colombia

Relative of Jesse Haines

Craig Vore

Developing an online video game

Had a rollover car accident and was unharmed

Played every major spot growing up

Dalton Klein

David Neis - Analytics Services

Huge hockey fan

Fishes in Canada every year

Just recently got into MTG and D&D

David Neis
Analytics Services

Proud Stillbilly

Recovering helicopter parent

Owns a small hobby farm

Denise Grogan

2 sons & 1 spoiled mini-schnauzer

Enjoys spending time up north

Hobbies: traveling, photography, making blankets, baking

Denise Slattery

Owns a Chubby Champion trophy as a baby

Enjoys traveling


Dom Hurst
Dealer Success

Married to one of his best friend’s only sister

Veteran of the US Army

Has had both of his hips replaced

Doug Ripperger
Territory Sales

Enjoys playing the piano and reading books

From a small town in South Dakota

Has over a foot long scar on her back from back surgery

Elizabeth Hegerfeld

Obstacle Course Addict

Bleeds Cubbie Blue!

Nothing beats time with family at the lake

Eric Dietzen
Territory Sales

Eric Schilling - Territory Sales

Born in Misawa, Japan

Went back to Japan for 40th B-day

Favorite team is Minnesota Wild

Eric Schilling
Territory Sales

Eric Wills- Territory Sales

Served in Air Force for 4 years

Enjoys Golfing, boating, hiking

Married with baby boy and West Highland Terrier

Eric Wills
Territory Sales

Born and raised in Detroit

Accomplished tournament poker player

Vegan since 2015

Eric Wright
Territory Sales

Studied English Literature

Cares about animals

Attended UND

Erik Bergstrom
Program Services

Eric Mickols - Development

Huge gamer

Goes to GenCon every year

Makes own hot sauce

Eric Mickols

Born in the Philippines

Impulsively buys pets

Very accident prone

Goldie Tugonon
Dealer Success

Guy Super – VP of Sales

Loves to Scuba Dive

Plays the Piano and the Trumpet

Is a weekend warrior tech geek

Guy Super
VP of Sales

Heather Elliott - Program Services

Trained as a Goldsmith/Jeweler

Sings in a Choir

Made “Minesweeper Down Under”

Heather Elliott
Program Services

Can play the violin

Read all the novels by Sidney Sheldon

Loves to participate in Hackathons

Induja Thakkelapati

Has sky dove via Static Line, zip-lined in the Costa Rican rainforest, and Snuba dived in the Pacific Ocean

Snowboards in winter and rides a Onewheel in the summer (a self-balancing electric personal transporter).

Rides a 2018 Street Rod 750 Harley Davidson motorcycle.

Henry Guenther
Human Resources

Can Mother of four

Children all play hockey

From Dayton, MN

Jennifer Jaeger
Territory Sales

Loves bicycle touring & figure skating

Is vegan

Speaks five languages

Jeremy Edwards

Jeremy Forstner - IT

Oldest of three siblings

Owns a small consulting firm

Leverages scalable cloud technology

Jeremy Forstner

Jess Johnson - Dealer Success

Total crazy cat lady

Sucker for any social scene

Loves Iced Pumpkin Spice latte’s

Jess Johnson
Dealer Success

Jim Johnson - Project Management

Reached summit of Mount Rainier

Coaches son’s sports teams

Gopher basketball ticket holder since ’91

Jim Johnson
Project Management

Is West African American – Liberian

Owns more then 4000 comics

Is allergic to all tree nuts and fruit

Joe Montgomery

Joe Quarnstrom - Territory Sales

Fan of all sports

An only child

7th generation with middle name Peter

Joe Quarnstrom
Territory Sales

Got remarried and now has
5 total kids!

Coached football & baseball
for 11 years

Favorite color is orange.

John Degnan
Territory Sales

Loves hiking 14ers

Has co-written two produced screenplays

At age 11, won go-kart race for kids
by large margin when the speed governor fell off

Johnathan Aguero
Strategic Account Director

Jon Marozick - Development

Enjoys playing foosball

Interested in 3D animation

Co-founded Mankato .NET User Group

Jon Marozick

Bourbon Connoisseur Before it Was Trendy

Loves Italian Food!

Enjoys Fitness Activities

Jon Ochetti
Chief Financial Officer

Jon Petron - VP of Advanced Services

80s Movie Buff

Dive Bar Connoisseur

Favorite TV Shows: The Daily Show, Madmen, Parks & Rec

Jon Petron
VP of Advanced Services

Jul Robinson - Dealer Support

Part of a Sorority for 5 years

Journaling for 10+ years

Loves Do-it-Yourself projects

Jul Robinson
Dealer Support

Regularly spa days are priority!

Enjoys yoga and toning classes

Favorite shows are Modern Family and Jimmy Fallon Show

Julie Frana
Project Management

Backpacked Europe & British Isles

Snowboarder, Mountain Biker/Hiker

Enjoy Drinking Microbrews

Justin Kramer
National Account Director

Kelly Pawelsky - Human Resources

Loves to go boating on St. Croix

Annual participant in Get Lucky 7k

Travels to Las Vegas regularly

Kelly Pawelsky
Director of People

Tutored more than 100 students in engineering

Aims to make humanity better

Been to 22 states in 2 years

Komal Bharat Dedhia
Analytics Services

Can play 5 different instruments

Loves Zumba

Has at least 3 cups of coffee a day

Kristen Cannova
Territory Sales

Kyle Wilson - Development

Ran for Minnesota Senate

Loves silly projects

Ringer at Street Fighter

Kyle Wilson

Hair started falling out at age 19

Played rugby for 20 years

Will thumb or arm wrestle almost anyone

Lance Vesely
Territory Sales

Certified Sailboat Captain

Grew up in Georgia

Once drove 6 hours to get hash brown fix

Larry Christopher
Dealer Success

Been to Cuba

Huge Crimson Tide fan

Plays 10 musical instruments

Laura Mills
Territory Sales

Has been to Oktoberfest in Munich, Germany (Prost!)

Was in dance for 16 years

Studied abroad in Italy

Lauren Sybrant
Program Services

Proud mother of furball Rufus

Cannot swim

Obsessed with shampoo

Linnea Vogelzang-Brown
Program Services

Litded Davis - VP of Product & Program Management

Honeymooned in Paris

Loves the beach and margaritas

Project managed Thanksgiving

Litded Davis
VP of Product & Program Management

Intentionally stalled an airplane while flying

Enjoys mountain biking and paddle boarding

Sponsors a child in Tegucigalpa, Honduras

Lucas Vreeland
Account Management

Mark Leppke - Development

Amateur bike racer

Loves backwoods camping

Loves the arts, film, music, and theater

Mark Leppke
UX Designer

Matt Kristo - Analytics Services

Hobbies include Geology

Enjoys camping and hiking

Likes spending time with friends and family

Matt Kristo
Analytics Services

Favorite composer Claude DeBussy

Once met Whoopi Goldberg

Marched in World Championship drum and bugle corps

Matt Schilken
Territory Sales

Maxim Uhlrich - Program Services

Is an animal lover and volunteer

Studied abroad in Italy

Is a Wisconsin sports fan

Maxim Uhlrich
Program Services


Had a painting displayed in the Milwaukee Art Museum

Obsessed with Taco Bell

Melanie Bammel
Dealer Success

Mike Wethington – Chief Executive Officer

Serial Entrepreneur

Former Regent of St. John’s

Outsell Halloween Contest Winner

Mike Wethington

Nell Campbell - Finance & Accounting

Organized Wine Club of
200 members

Puts “we should…” into action

Enjoys reading business journals

Nell Campbell
Finance & Accounting

Nick Hoffrogge - Administration

Minored in Japanese

Fan of Ultimate Fighting & MMA

Crazy Person Who Enjoys Running

Nick Hoffrogge

Nicole Sherrard - Program Services

St. Thomas Alum

Fan of boating

Favorite person to selfie – husband

Nicole Sherrard
Program Services

Big sports guy

Loves playing video games

Has a puppy named Sadie

Payton Anderson

Grew up in Wisconsin Dells, WI

Obsessed with 9 lb rescue pup named Tiny Eevee

Has a motorcycle license

Rachel Marti

Former ballerina

Food and dessert enthusiast

Loves animals, hiking, and traveling

Rachel Sipe
Human Resources

Cabin in Spooner, WI

Loves to travel – dreams of going to Ireland

Licensed Cosmetologist

Rae Nyberg
Program Services

Rakesh Kanakamedala - Development

Practiced ballet

Avid watcher of Real Housewives

Has never owned a Mac product

Rakesh Kanakamedala

Lifelong Red Sox Fan

Owns 1000+ cook books

Proud owner of a schipperke named Gracie

Ralph Stetson
Territory Sales

Ramamohan Nutheti - Development

Hometown: Ananthapur, India

Loves Fishing and Photography

Very much fond of Desserts

Ram Nutheti

Cage dove with great white sharks

Travel count: 25 countries on 5 continents

Fluent in movie quotes

Reece Jacklitch
Dealer Support

Rhiannon Nelson - Program Services

Named after Fleetwood Mac song

Loves reading Tarot cards

Has a dog named Chewy

Rhiannon Nelson
Program Services

Avid Nebraska Husker Fan

Traveled to see the eclipse in August 2017

Diet coke addict

Rhonda Sellentin
Dealer Success

Rob Duran - Account Management

Slightly nomadic

Crazy about all types of music

Believes it is important to laugh at least once each day

Rob Duran
Account Management

Robert Naeve - Dealer Support

Avid gamer


Escorted from US Capital Building at 14 and asked to not return

Robert Naeve
Dealer Support

Roger Wilson - Architecture

Enjoys camping, hiking, off-roading

Visited 44 of the 50 United States

Yet to go: Rhode Island, Wisconsin,
Michigan, Mississippi, Alabama, Alaska

Roger Wilson

Born and raised in Boston

Attended Big East College Basketball Tournament
20 years in a row

Had a 200 pair sneaker collection

Ryan Goldney
Territory Sales

Climbed 13 of Colorado’s 14’ers

Yearly, volunteers at the Great American Beer Fest

Enjoys playing & watching hockey

Ryan Lawyer

Ryan Linn - Program Services

Avid gamer

Travels to California every January

Ryan Linn
Program Services

Loves taking black & white photos

Had a blast parasailing in Mexico

Favorite Karaoke song is
“The Devil Went Down to Georgia”

Sami Hodsdon
Program Services

Sarah Perez - Account Management

Speaks Spanish

Obsessive reality TV watcher

Married with two fur babies

Sarah Perez
Account Management

Seth Bertsch - Project Management

Enjoys teaching people to fish

Power Seller with eBay

When he wins the lottery, plans to buy the Golden Valley Benihana

Seth Bertsch
Project Management

Paper crafter

From Indiana

Loves going to the movies

Sherri Streff
Product Operations

Used to be an Au Pair in Paris, France

Plays the piano

Watched Cars 3 over 130 times

Sidney Barnes-Bernhardt
Product Operations

Studied in the Czech Republic

Volunteer robotics referee

Deathly allergic to kiwi

Spencer Lee

Suzie Lamb - IT Infrastructure

Volunteers at UMN’s Equine Center

Goes trail running with dog

Loves to scuba dive, hike, and travel

Suzie Lamb
IT Infrastructure

Struggles with a cereal addiction

Still tries to skateboard

Plays in a band and composes electronic music

Tim Gilmore
Program Services

Todd Babbitt - Architecture

HAM radio hobby

Speaks Japanese

Has scuba certification

Todd Babbitt

Torrey Vegter - Architecture

Badgers and Packers fan

Enjoy biking and sports

Visited Australia & New Zealand

Torrey Vegter

Trevor Gehring - Dealer Support

Proud Father of 3 Children

Avid Pool Player

Diehard Viking Van

Trevor Gehring
Dealer Support

Trevor Stemm - Dealer Success

Manages amateur soccer team

Collects watches

Dream is to travel to England and watch Liverpool FC play

Trevor Stemm
Training Manager

Tricia Turk - Dealer Success

Loves the outdoors.

Hosts New Year’s Eve gathering

Only child is her dog

Tricia Turk
VP of Customer Success


Loves to hang out with friends

Auto enthusiast

Umakanth Buchireddy

Valerie Vallancourt - VP of Marketing

Huge Boston Red Sox fan

Husband is a voice actor

Used to be a floral designer

Valerie Vallancourt
VP of Marketing

Wayne Moran - Development

Artist in a software engineer’s body

Got lost flying over Massachusetts

Wayne Moran

Sports guy

6 Siblings

Can drive stick (manual)

Zach Shaver
Dealer Success


Mike 2016 website

Mike Wethington – Chief Executive Officer

Mike Wethington has a proven track record of building profitable, high growth businesses. Mike has a breadth of industry experience ranging from start-ups and emerging growth companies to large multinational corporations in the automotive, banking, computer, financial services, insurance, retail, and telecommunications industries. He is highly effective in evaluating talent to developing highly effective, rapid growth organizations.

In addition to leading Outsell, Mike is managing partner of SynetVentures, a Minneapolis-based venture capital firm focused on bringing proven business systems and a network of experienced professionals to take innovative business opportunities to the next level. Mike is also a former Regent of St. John’s University and was honored as a finalist for the 2012 Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Awards in the Upper Midwest.


Jon Ochetti – Chief Financial Officer

Jon Ochetti is a results-oriented Finance/Accounting executive with a proven track record as a leader in rapidly changing work environments.  Jon has an extensive background in strategic planning, product and business analysis, profit optimization, planning processes, financial systems and corporate integration.  With over twenty years of experience, Jon leads Outsell’s Finance and Accounting departments.

Prior to joining Outsell, Jon was Vice President of Business Strategy and Financial Planning and Analysis at Star Tribune Media Company.  Previously he was Vice President of Finance at Meredith Corporation, based in Des Moines, Iowa.  He holds a Bachelor of Science in Business with a major in Accounting from the University of Minnesota’s Carlson School of Management and earned his CPA certification.

Chris Johnson - VP of Development

Chris Johnson – VP of Development


Chris Johnson brings more than two decades of leadership experience to Outsell, with the majority focused on scaling smaller development shops up to enable high growth through the professionalization of software delivery practices. At Outsell, Johnson has managed the Development and Infrastructure teams, helping guide the technology practices through the transitions to Amazon Web Services (AWS), .NET development platforms and ecosystems, and Agile development methodologies.

Prior to joining Outsell, Johnson managed the development and delivery of the first Web-enabled Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) application suite at Lawson Software, and served as the Director of the Development organization for the Governance, Risk, and Compliance business of Thomson Reuters. He holds BS degrees from the University of Minnesota in both Astrophysics and Physical Science Education, as well as a Master’s degree from the University of Saint Thomas

Litded Davis – VP of Product and Program Management

Litded Davis – VP of Product and Program Management

Litded Davis is a results-driven individual with more than 15 years of product and project management experience leading strategic initiatives and delivering innovative products in the healthcare, insurance, banking, incentive and automotive industries. As Vice President, Product and Program Management, Davis implements PMO and product management practices. She leads a talented group of product strategists, product managers, project managers and business systems analysts driving the next generation of the Outsell platform.

Previously, Davis was director of the project management organization at Outsell.  She has also held program and product development positions at Hallmark Business Connections, United Healthcare, TCF Bank, Baker Hill (acquired by Experian) and One America (formerly American United Life Insurance).  Davis holds a BS in Finance from Indiana University Kelly School of Business and Certificate of Programming from the University of Minnesota

Jon Petron – VP of Advanced Services

Jon Petron – VP of Advanced Services

Jon brings over 20 years of experience effectively implementing dealer and sales channel marketing programs for companies like Toyota, Polaris Industries, Carrier, Caterpillar and DuPont. At Outsell, Jon manages a talented group of digital marketing professionals who make up the Analytic, Content, Customer Support, and Program Services organization. Jon oversees advanced services through the Outsell customer engagement platform, and his teams work in partnership with all Outsell functional areas to on-board and manage industry leading programs that deliver results and maintain a high standard of quality for Outsell customers.

Prior to Outsell, Jon led digital and channel marketing programs at BI Worldwide, Polaris industries, Saatchi & Saatchi, and BBDO. He received his Bachelor’s degree in Marketing and Advertising as well as an MBA from the University of St. Thomas, MN.

Guy 2016 website

Guy Super – VP of Sales

Guy Super is a dynamic, strategic executive who is dedicated to developing and leading sales teams to deliver record-setting results. As Vice President of Sales, Guy is focused on driving sales nationwide for the company’s powerful Outsell Fuel platform. Guy will manage, develop and lead the Direct to Dealer Outsell sales and business development teams.

Most recently, Guy was Outsell’s director of territory sales and prior to joining Outsell, he was an award-winning Sales Director with Dominion Enterprises. Guy is a proven leader in building, managing and developing strategic sales teams and go-to-market strategies. He has also held senior management roles with Autobase, Inc., and Village Automotive Group. Guy holds a Bachelor of Science in History from Lawrence University.

Valerie Vallancourt-VP of Marketing

Valerie Vallancourt – VP of Marketing

Valerie Vallancourt brings extensive marketing expertise to her role at Outsell, along with proven success in creating and executing marketing strategies for revenue growth. Valerie has nearly fifteen years of experience in the technology sector, and is currently vice president of marketing at Outsell.

Previously Valerie was Director of Marketing Communications at ClickSquared (acquired by Zeta Interactive), Marketing Director of North America, smartFOCUS, and has held marketing roles at SEPATON, and Unica Corporation (acquired by IBM). Valerie’s specialties include: implementing innovative demand generation initiatives to drive revenue generation and pipeline, instituting best practices around marketing operations as well as collaborating cross-functionally across organizations. Valerie holds a B.A. in English Literature from the University of Oregon.

Tricia Turk - Dealer Success

Tricia Turk – VP of Customer Success

Tricia Turk leads customer success and account management for Outsell with a commitment to deliver exceptional value and results for Outsell’s customers. Tricia brings more than ten years in the automotive space, along with proven success in leading teams specializing in helping dealerships engage and attract customers with marketing and advertising. Prior to Outsell, she was Supervisor of Direct Accounts for UnityWorks! and Director of Business Development for Saxton-Ferris-Global. Tricia holds a BA in English with a Management Minor from Gustavus Adolphus College.

Kelly Pawelsky - Human Resources

Kelly Pawelsky – Director of People

Kelly has been an Outsell asset since 2011, starting as an Administrative Assistant and working her way up to the Director of People, managing the entire Human Resources team. Previously, she worked in administrative and accounting positions, with a proven track record of organizational agility and management skills. Kelly has a degree in Business Management from St. Cloud State University, and also keeps current with two HR certifications.

  • Jeff P. GreinerNorthern Pacific

    Jeff co-founded Northern Pacific Group, a growth equity investment firm based in Wayzata, Minnesota, and serves as a Managing Partner. Prior to co-founding Northern Pacific Group, Jeff focused on technology, business and financial services investments for Norwest Equity Partners.

    Jeff was a Founding Partner at Wessels, Arnold & Henderson. Currently, he serves as a director of DelaGet, Greater Twin Cities United Way, YMCA of the Greater Twin Cities, Boy Scout Northern Star Council, Beta Theta Pi Foundation and Cathedral Church of St. Mark Foundation.

  • Judson BemisEntrepreneur

    Judson Bemis has served as the National Director of Development for the Hazelden Foundation, the Vice President of New Business Development, and as the principal of Clere Consulting. He serves on the for profit boards of Technology, Inc. and Imaging Institute, Inc. as well as on the nonprofit boards of Theatre de la Jeune Lune, The Minnesota Orchestral Association, The Guthrie Theater Foundation, Theatre Communications Group (in NYC), and MacPhail Center for Music. He currently has been appointed by the Governor to the Minnesota State Arts Board.

  • Steve GillTalenti Gelato

    Steve Gill is the founder and CEO of Dallas based Talenti Gelato. Talenti is already one of the top 3 brands, successfully competing with other premium ice cream brands in the premium grocery channel. It was acquired by Unilever in 2014. Prior to Talenti, Steve was a Co-Founder and President of Minneapolis based Millennium Import Company from 1993 to 2005 working as a partner with the Edward J. Phillips Family of Minneapolis.

  • Patrick O’HalloranO’Halloran Ent.

    Patrick was at Accenture for over twenty-two years, including eleven years as its Partner in charge of Customer Insight organization. He co-founded Accenture’s CRM cross industry service line, as well as creating and running the global Customer Insight business unit for eight years, serving some of their largest clients like Washington Mutual and Target.

    Patrick sits on the board of Datalink, a company that analyzes, designs, implements, and supports information storage infrastructures that store, protect, and provide continuous access to information. He has also served as Founding Partner and Chief Executive Officer of Entiera.

  • Fred SennFounding Partner, Fallon

    Fred Senn is one of the founding partners of Fallon Worldwide, headquartered in Minneapolis, MN. Known for their creativity, their client portfolio has included blue chip brands like BMW, Porsche, Holiday Inn, Sony, United Airlines, Citibank, Time Magazine, and the Wall Street Journal.

    Fred is also very involved in local business and nonprofit organizations, and has directed the successful advertising efforts of the Minnesota Business Partnership, the Minnesota Department of Tourism, as well as two gubernatorial campaigns. He is also involved as an adviser or board member to several national children’s organizations.