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Convert Online Shoppers to Sales with the Converter Campaign 

You’ve got showroom visits and walk-ins covered, but what’s your process for converting those visiting your online showroom? For most dealers, that can only begin once a consumer has contacted the dealership (lead submission, phone call, and/or chats). However, that is a thing of the past with Outsell’s Converter Campaign, powered by Identity Resolution. 

Identity Resolution: Discover What Your Customers are Doing on Your Website 

While you can obtain many insights using Google Analytics, even retarget with Google Ads, Meta, and beyond, all customer activity is anonymized, preventing you from seeing which individuals were reached and what they engaged with on your website and campaigns. However, with Outsell’s Identity Resolution, 67% more consumer activity is tracked and both website and campaign activities are linked to individual’s consumer record. Meaning your team can view that activity directly in your system of record and be alerted of those who’ve been shopping in the last 24 hours with our Daily Engagement Report.  

Converter Campaign: Win With Your Customers and Prospects

Not only do our campaigns automatically adjust, tailoring inventory recommendations and content to each customer based on their latest activity/behavior, Outsell’s Converter Campaign automatically engages low-funnel online shoppers with 7+ Buyer Detection Scores in near real-time. Leveraging the power of both digital and traditional marketing strategies, an email is sent within 24 hours of their low-funnel website activity, and if it isn’t opened within 48 hours, a direct mail piece is sent the next day. Better yet, Outsell maintains the most competitive direct mail pricing in the market. 

The Converter Campaign helps you reach your customers when it matters most – when they’re actively shopping and ready to purchase. That’s why it works and why targeted customers convert (purchase) at a 24% higher rate.

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