From Website to Showroom: Increase Sales with Identity Resolution

The Story

In today’s digital landscape, where giants like Amazon set the standard, providing a personalized and top-notch service is non-negotiable. The key to meeting these heightened expectations lies in harnessing the power of centralized first-party data – the foundation for a profound understanding of your customers.


First party data – the data you collect directly from interactions with your customers and audiences on your own channels. This can include things like:  

  • CRM data: name, phone, email, address, notes 
  • Transaction history (DMS): vehicles, accessories, upgrades, trades 
  • Interests: brands, vehicles, segments 


The Problem

Dealers aiming for a competitive edge understand the significance of leveraging first-party data, especially from the two primary sources – the DMS and CRM. While consolidating data from these sources is crucial for tracking customers throughout their lifecycle journey, challenges arise. Data needs to be cleansed, matched, and merged; a process Outsell has been implementing for years. However, these data sources only offer a limited, temporary view of the customer. So, how do you gain real-time insights? The answer often leads back to your website.

The Solution

Enter Outsell’s cutting-edge solution – Identity Resolution. This innovative product tracks and matches website activity to known customer records in your CRM and DMS. Taking it a step further, we are integrating this enriched data into existing campaigns and unveiling the game-changing “Converter Campaign” to retarget these low-funnel customers with omnichannel communications. The results are nothing short of impressive.

The Results

In a (blind) case study spanning October to December 2023, 126 dealers across multiple brands and regions enabled a website script, allowing us to track two key visitor categories:

  • Direct Visitors: Those who directly landed on the site from an email click.
  • Return Visitors: Those who initially visited through our email and later returned via other means.

With Identity Resolution:

  • Following the first email engagement, we tracked and matched 67% more activity to known customers.
  • This led to a 30% increase in follow-ups for individuals who might have otherwise been overlooked.

Furthermore, the newfound website clickers exhibited a 24% higher conversion rate compared to those targeted through other methods. This indicates that our tailored communications not only engaged but significantly influenced sales.

Experience the transformative power of Identity Resolution and the Converter Campaign – where website insights drive meaningful connections and drive real-time results!