Tips to Boost Digital Engagement

In our previous article “Engagement is More Important than Clicks,” we promised a follow-up on how to improve engagement, since engagement is what leads to sales.

Looking first at social media, in May Online Marketing Institute posted an article on how to increase Facebook Fan Page engagement.

“Facebook uses an algorithm called EdgeRank to determine what shows up in News Feeds, and only the best posts with high engagement make the cut. According to Facebook, roughly 16% of your fans will see your company’s content on any given day. PageLever estimates the numbers are even lower at 3-9%.”

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Keeping that in mind, boosting Facebook engagement starts with knowing your customers, what they’re interested in to begin with, or using social media to find out. Ask questions! Get fans to respond and possibly share posts by engaging them directly.

Images are always a sure bet to increase Facebook engagement because an image grabs a person’s attention much more than a headline. Though nothing is as important as a call to action.

Eye-catching images and appealing calls to action are just as true for increasing email engagement. There needs to be an intriguing article to read, a contest, a sale, a special, an event; whatever it takes to get that click.

But remember, the click isn’t what’s most important. Make sure the content on the other end is alluring enough that the consumer attends your event, reads your article, takes part in your sale, because that is engagement and engagement equals sales.

And of course the simplest way to increase mobile engagement is to make sure all of your content is optimized for mobile devices. Learn more about Responsive Design for multiple screen types here.