Engagement is More Important than Clicks

Clicks and ‘LIKES’ are only the beginning—engagement leads to sales

On Facebook it doesn’t matter how many ‘LIKES’ your brand has if those fans don’t engage with the page. Engagement is what sticks in a consumer’s mind and leads to future sales. People ‘LIKE’ things all the time without giving that brand or item another thought. Make real fans out of your followers by giving them something to interact with.

Likewise, campaign clicks, such as from an email, are not the appropriate way to gauge success. 100 clicks that amount to nothing simply aren’t as valuable as 25 clicks that lead to sales.

For example, a lot of attention might be focused on catchy subject lines to entice users to click an article, but if the content isn’t appealing, the prospect leaves at that point and the engagement is lost.

A recent study from TopRankBlog showed that 64% of decision-makers read their email via mobile devices, meaning mobile optimization is also necessary to turn clicks into more than just a thumb click back.

The average consumer purchase path isn’t a simple line from one engagement (like a click) to the sale; if you’re effectively using multi-channel marketing to reach your customers, what really leads to purchase is a multitude of engagements from clicks to social sharing to special offers, and more.

Don’t focus on clicks. Focus on where those clicks can lead. And stay tuned for the next entry:

Tips to Boost Your Engagement