Outsell Recognized by ClickZ Connected Marketing Awards

Earlier this year, Outsell entered our Chevy Calendar Year End Multiwave Campaign in the Connected Marketing Awards from ClickZ, under the category of “Best Use of Email Marketing.”

ClickZ Connected Marketing Awards are designed to recognize brands and organizations that have embraced creativity and interactivity to connect with their audiences – and drive results. Winners were announced on August 15, 2012 in conjunction with SES San Francisco. You can check out some of the other categories and winners here.

In the company of organizations such as Marriott, Paramount, VW, and Bare Escentuals, Outsell is proud to have been given Honorable Mention in such a tough competition, where only a winning campaign and one Honorable Mention was given in each category.

“It was a very close competition and the Chevrolet campaign was one of the best. Congratulations to Chevrolet, Outsell and Agency 720, and everyone involved!” -ClickZ

Thank you ClickZ for the recognition, and thank you again to our partner Agency 720 for their contribution to this exciting campaign.

You can learn more about our winning campaign here.