Drip Campaigns Equal More Sales for Car Dealerships

Drip Marketing

The concept of a Multi-Wave campaign is to first send a segmented Trigger email to your subscribers and then increase engagement with supplemental sends, in turn increasing the chance for purchase. Clicks on the Trigger email qualify customers to receive subsequent emails that encourage this additional engagement.

Outsell used this method for a 2011 Year End Sales Event campaign. The Trigger was sent on Dec 6th and then again on Dec 9th to those customers who had not opened the initial send. Three Multi-Wave emails announced awards and newly released incentives, all while increasing the urgency to buy before Jan 3rd.

Over the course of this 30 day campaign cadence, 82,000 people clicked on the Trigger email. Nearly 60% of customers who clicked the Trigger email interacted with at least one of the three Multi-Wave emails. Open rates for the Multi-Wave emails were 260% higher than industry benchmarks, because the customers targeted had already clicked at least once, proving they were the most engaged consumers with the most potential to buy.

Outsell’s smart trigger Multi-Wave campaign nearly tripled customer engagement and sold almost 1000 vehicles amongst the dealers included.

In conclusion, this Multi-Wave campaign for the Year End Sales Event was a huge success, driving more people and ultimately more sales to participating dealerships.