Sleepers: How to Maximize the Hidden Value of your Database – at Digital Dealer 25


Sleepers: How to Maximize the Hidden Value of your Database

Join Outsell’s Vice President of Advanced Services, Jon Petron, at Digital Dealer 25 in the Mirage Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas, Jamaica Room A&B on Thursday, October 18, from 12:15 PM – 1:05 PM as he explores one of the best kept industry secrets:

Your most valuable shoppers are already with you.

Dealers can make the most of their data and capitalize on all the information in their CRM and DMS but often hesitate to implement a plan to get started. A surprising amount of your databases are comprised of unsold leads and prior customers (even when dormant), who can yield more profit than you expect once brought back to life.

Dealers who ignore these sleeping consumers do so at your own peril because competitors are already implementing the tools and strategies designed to help you know when customers and prospects are back in market, re-engaging those consumers at the right time with the right content individualized to them.

Taking advantage of your data, however, starts with keeping that data clean, both for reaching new prospects and for leveraging real-time sales data to improve retention tactics.

Outsell recommends mandatory eAppends as we’ve identified that less than 50% of our client databases have reachable records combining both CRM and DMS. An initial eAppend can help increase that reach by 10-30%.

Once you are communicating regularly, leveraging the data behind engagements as well as activity across the web is what allows for relevant messaging. First, you need to ask: What do you consider a lead? And at what point do you move on to the next one?

Training your staff to communicate with potential buyers is also imperative, especially when using the data available about their behaviors and needs. One of the best ways to ensure accurate and relevant follow-up with unsold leads as well as dormant customers is through marketing automation.

Marketing automation is software that provides individualization and automated sending for  email communications, while simultaneously letting the consumer drive the content they receive. Employing a marketing automation solution can give dealers a competitive advantage in retaining customers and unsold leads that blasting emails out of your CRM simply cannot.

But automation alone isn’t enough. Artificial intelligence allows for more robust lifecycle management, keeping you in front of consumers more relevantly with the least amount of hassle. Your dealership needs AI and automation that fits your specific needs to best utilize your existing data and go after the ‘sleepers’ you’d otherwise miss out on.

Learn more at Jon’s panel during Digital Dealer 25 – Sleepers: How to Maximize the Hidden Value of your Database.

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