Enhanced BuyerScout

Outsell Upgrades BuyerScout, Its Unique Buyer Detection Solution, To Help Auto Dealers Better Focus Their Sales Efforts

Latest version includes CRM integration, new predictive models and a new ‘most likely buyers’ report

Outsell unveiled today new enhancements to BuyerScout®, its innovative buyer-detection product, to help auto dealers better focus their sales efforts. With these new features, Outsell BuyerScout becomes the first Machine Learning-powered predictive analytics solution for auto dealerships.

BuyerScout is the first and only buyer detection product that analyzes behavioral trends, tracks consumer engagements, and tips off dealers when current customers and prospects are in market. Initial results on the upgraded BuyerScout models show an increase in conversion rates of up to 5.1X and up to 2.1X higher volumes of identified in-market buyers.

BuyerScout now includes:

  • Integration with dealer CRMs through Outsell Connect;
  • Industry first, machine-learning driven predictive models; and
  • A simpler ‘most likely buyers’ report to improve ease of use for dealers.

BuyerScout is the most popular add-on to Outsell’s flagship Outsell Fuel multi-channel customer engagement platform. It is powered at its core by proprietary analytics models, which predict consumer behavior so dealers can better identify, understand, and speak to individual customers and prospects to generate superior results. Outsell’s models constantly react to new data through the use of Machine Learning-powered dynamic predictive models, the best algorithmic method for predicting outcomes.

“The response to Outsell BuyerScout from dealers has been nothing short of amazingly positive,” said Mike Wethington, Founder and CEO of Outsell. “Nearly every dealer that signs on for the Outsell Fuel platform now buys BuyerScout as well – it provides valuable intelligence about customers and prospects that they just can’t get any other way.”

For more information about Outsell BuyerScout, visit https://www.outsell.com/buyerscout, or sign up for Outsell’s March 10 webinar with Automotive News, titled, “Harness the Power of Data to Optimize Customer Engagement and Sell More Cars.”