Outsell Unveils Service On Demand powered by Outsell AI Assist

This feature will help dealers engage more with their customers and highest value customers to improve loyalty and increase gross profit

MINNEAPOLIS, October 5, 2023 /PRNewswire/ Outsell, a data and technology company providing the automotive industry’s leading Customer Engagement Platform, is proud to announce the launch of its latest innovation, Service On Demand powered by Outsell AI Assist. For the first time in the Automotive industry, dealerships can tap into AI like top retailers do. This cutting-edge feature increases dealers’ ability to engage more with their most valuable customers to improve loyalty and increase gross profit.

“In these uncertain times, it was more important than ever to launch this product for our dealers and partners. We pride ourselves on always giving our dealers the tools they need backed by the most innovative technology to make the biggest impact on their business. Just like we want our dealers to be in the right place at the right time for their customers, we hold true to that notion for ourselves as well. This is a feature that will truly transform how dealerships engage with their customers,” said Mike Wethington, CEO of Outsell. “We understand the importance of identifying service opportunities promptly and efficiently, especially right now, and with Service On Demand powered by Outsell AI Assist, dealerships can do just that. This innovative feature empowers dealerships to offer exceptional service experiences while increasing service revenue, customer loyalty and team efficiencies.”

In today’s fast-paced and highly competitive automotive landscape, dealerships face the constant challenge of delivering exceptional service experiences to their customers. Service On Demand powered by Outsell AI Assist is designed to be the solution to this challenge. Leveraging data-driven insights, artificial intelligence, and cutting-edge customer engagement technology, this feature offers real-time service opportunities to dealerships. Furthermore, it seamlessly integrates with Customer Value, a revolutionary tool rolled out by Outsell earlier this year, which predicts a dealership’s highest value customers over the next three years.

Outsell’s commitment to innovation and excellence has led to the creation of a feature that addresses a critical pain point for dealerships – maximizing service revenue while providing top-notch customer service. With Service On Demand powered by Outsell AI Assist dealerships gain the ability to:

  1. Target Based on Customer Value: Personalize your communications to focus on your highest value customers who bring in your top revenue.
  2. Re-engage Inactive Customers: Reach out to customers who haven’t visited for service in a specific timeframe, rekindling their connection with your dealership.
  3. Identify Likely Defectors: Target customers who may be at risk of defecting based on the time elapsed since their last service visit.
  4. Brand-Specific Engagement: Tailor messaging to used vehicle buyers within their brand, ensuring a personalized and consistent experience.
  5. Proactive Warranty Communication: Identify customers whose warranties are nearing expiration, whether it’s based on projected mileage or time since purchase.

“Service On Demand powered by Outsell AI Assist is set to reshape the auto industry’s approach to service, driving customer loyalty and enhancing dealership profitability with their highest value customers. In light of factors like the UAW strike limiting new car inventory and the prevailing market trend of people holding onto their cars, this new feature will help drive business and fortify dealers’ bottom lines.” said Gary Marcotte, SVP of Customer Engagement Innovation.

For more information about Outsell and its groundbreaking Service On Demand powered by AI Assist feature, please visit Outsell.com.

About Outsell

Outsell is the automotive industry’s leading Customer Engagement Platform, specializing in innovative solutions that drive customer loyalty, increase sales, and boost profitability. With a focus on data-driven insights and personalized experiences, Outsell empowers businesses to elevate their customer engagement resulting in measurable improvements in sales, profitability and customer loyalty of their highest value segments.

Adam Kintopf