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Outsell Reveals New AI-Driven Marketing Automation Platform for Automotive at NADA

Outsell 5.0 takes individualized content to the next level

Outsell announced today a major upgrade of its solution at the NADA 2018 conference, taking place Mar. 22-26, 2018 in Las Vegas.

Outsell was the first marketing automation provider in automotive to utilize artificial intelligence (AI) to help improve relevancy and targeting. Its AI brain tracks the behavior of individual consumers (both customers and prospects), forming a predictive model of their future behavior, and fueling Outsell capabilities such as buyer detection for identifying in-market shoppers and Inventory Mover for matching prospects with specific inventory.

Outsell’s newest platform – Outsell 5.0 – has been enhanced with even more artificial intelligence capabilities, providing automotive dealers with unprecedented insight into buying behavior and the ability to take targeted content to the next level, with automated, multi-channel campaigns that are individualized to each person’s exact preferences.

In addition, Outsell is expanding its Equity Mining capabilities with 5.0. Outsell utilizes a machine-learning formula to provide equity value estimations, and display them on consumer and prospect profile pages, which enables sales staff to identify and reach out to consumers with positive equity.

“Dealers now expect AI features in their marketing automation platforms, and Outsell offers the first such platform that enables dealers to cover both customers and prospects at once,” said Brian Pasch, CEO of PCG Companies. “It’s no longer necessary for dealers to have different tools for each audience – it’s a major step forward.”

“Artificial intelligence is a key tool for auto dealers, and Outsell has made it seamless and easy to use with Outsell 5.0,” said Mike Wethington, Outsell’s founder and CEO. “We have masked all the complexity and added predictive analytics features that are transforming the way auto dealers communicate with customers and prospects. No one has more experience with AI in automotive than Outsell.”

The Outsell 5.0 platform features:

  • A new dashboard that highlights for dealers in-market shoppers, current campaign performance, and ROI of individual campaigns in terms of linked sales/service – making it easy for dealers to quantify the revenue impact of each campaign.
  • Customized campaign and targeting recommendations that dealers can choose to send with one click.
  • The unique ability to easily create AI-driven micro campaigns for a select, targeted audience.
  • Powerful new filters such as ‘move a model’ and ‘need to find a trade in’ that help dealers meet their goals. Outsell provides a list of people the dealership can contact who will likely convert on specific models or a list of people who own a specific vehicle and are likely ready to trade up.

All the new features are designed to make it easier than ever for automotive dealers to identify in-market shoppers, proactively reach out to them, deliver individualized communications on autopilot, and sell more vehicles and service appointments.

Chip Alvey, Corporate Operations Supervisor at Outsell customer Oxmoor Auto Group, said, “Outsell already provided tremendous value to our dealership in terms of helping us individualize campaigns to specific customer preferences. But the new features in Outsell 5.0 will help us take individualization to the next level, with AI-driven campaigns. We’re really excited to roll this new version out in our stores.”

Outsell will demo Outsell 5.0 publicly for the first time at NADA 2018. Stop by booth # 2196C for a demo, or make an appointment by visiting https://www.outsell.com/nada2018. See a video highlighting Outsell 5.0 here.