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Outsell highlights and matches would-be buyers with specific inventory

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Outsell Releases Inventory Mover

Today Outsell released Inventory Mover, a product that dynamically serves up vehicles from a dealer’s inventory based on what individual consumers are shopping.

We know today’s consumer expects to be known, heard, and to see only what is relevant to them as a result of marketing giants like Amazon and Netflix utilizing AI and to cater each customer experience.

Outsell Inventory Mover is the industry’s first inventory recommendation engine that sorts through consumers in a dealer’s DMS and CRM, identifies in-market consumers, predicts which VINs will appeal to each consumer, and dynamically shows unique live inventory recommendations to each consumer via automated, individualized emails. Outsell’s Inventory Mover helps by:

  • Analyzing consumer behavior to determine which vehicles in inventory are best for each person, and dynamically serving up those vehicles through individualized marketing communications.
  • Identifying aging inventory and matching VINS to people who are likely interested in those models.
  • Driving traffic directly to dealer Vehicle Detail Pages (VDPs).
  • Updating recommendations seamlessly as inventory is rotated – dealers can specify which vehicles to highlight, or let Outsell completely automate the process.
  • Monitoring shopping behavior and updating recommendations daily.
  • Generating direct leads with availability form, conveniently pre-filling the form for customers so they can indicate their interest with one click.

Additionally, Inventory Mover allows dealers to select vehicles they want to boost, allowing them to highlight potentially “old” inventory, while their consumers are still receiving the 1:1 individualized marketing experience they have come to expect.

Outsell will be exhibiting and featuring Inventory Mover at Digital Dealer 23 in Las Vegas =September 18-20 2017. To schedule an appointment at the show, email

To learn more about Inventory Mover, visit