MarketScout and Outsell

Outsell Releases MarketScout, Competitive Performance Analytics for Automotive Executives

Outsell announced today the release of MarketScoutTM, an analytics product designed to provide Tier 1 and Tier 2 automotive executives with the competitive intelligence they need to successfully steer their brand and manage regional sales performance.

MarketScout is the only automotive marketplace analytics offering that reveals in-market shopper profiles, shopper intensity rankings, digital shopper mindshare, consideration and pricing data, as well as aggregate dealer website analytics benchmarked against regional competitors.

“MarketScout provides automotive executives with the insights they need to successfully run their business and identify strategic brand opportunities within their regions,” said Dan Smith, Chief Marketing Officer at Outsell. “We source dealer websites, competitive web shopping and individual shopper behaviors, take what can appear to be large, complex ‘big data’ and connect the dots between the shopper, the dealer and the brand. MarketScout presents the analyses in simple, easy to understand formats that focuses on what’s important and what’s changing.”

MarketScout makes it easy to compare key performance indicators against regional and national benchmarks, gain a clear picture of competitive shopping activity by region, understand regional shopper interests, and compare website performance across dealers and brands.

MarketScout is a Tier 1 and Tier 2 companion product to Outsell Fuel. Outsell Fuel helps dealers engage with customers wherever they are, identify in-market buyers, and track behaviors to know when they are ready to buy. The ultimate objective is to help them sell more vehicles. Outsell Fuel orchestrates communications across multiple marketing channels including email, SMS, mobile, chat, social and direct mail, and enables dealers to leverage national marketing content to create localized campaigns.

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