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Outsell Launches Outsell Conquest: New Solution Helps Auto Dealers Use Email for Prospecting

New solution incorporates predictive analytics and data hygiene tools to help dealers attract buyers and comply with email regulations

Today Outsell launched Outsell Conquest, a customer acquisition solution guided by Outsell’s NeuroMotics statistical models, that automobile dealers use to identify, attract and engage new-to-brand buyers.

This new addition to Outsell Fuel, Outsell’s award-winning customer engagement platform, includes proven conquest campaigns that maintain brand consistency and leverage existing creative assets, extending the look and feel of mass media campaigns so that prospects have a consistent and meaningful interaction with the brand. Built-in data hygeine and contact rules ensure high deliverability and compliance with CAN-SPAM regulations.

Outsell Conquest leverages high-quality prospect data gathered from trusted data providers that cater to the automotive space, allowing for extended reach and best-in-class results. Initial dealer campaigns in the Orlando metro area have signifcantly exceeded expectations, generating open rates nearly 4X industry norms for conquest, and similarly strong click-to-open rates.

“To attract new buyers and prospects using email while complying with anti-spam regulations is a significant challenge for auto dealers,” said Dan Smith, CMO of Outsell. “It can be complex, and there are certainly rules you need to follow, but analytically-driven, multi-wave campaigns are a highly effectve method to capture market share. Outsell Conquest provides a turn-key means to do just that.”

In the battle for automotive customers, Outsell Conquest helps dealers gain market share by targeting in-market consumers and turning them into customers. Features include:

  • Analytically-driven, multi-wave campaigns. Outsell Conquest incorporates statistical models that target the right prospects. Multi-wave campaigns incorporate behavioral triggers to automate follow-up communications.
  • Creative management and customization. Dealers can leverage brand assets for consistency in look and feel while still incorporating custom content for local needs.
  • Ability to create and execute both email and mobile campaigns. Outsell Conquest offers campaigns for both email and mobile, and builit-in contact rules ensure dealers follow all applicable spam regulations.
  • Comprehensive prospect database. Dealers can’t market to prospects without a good list. Outsell aggregates shopper records from trusted data providers to achieve the greatest possible campaign reach. Outsell’s Neuromotics predictive models ensure that the dealer’s message will reach the people most likely to be in market for a vehicle.

Outsell Conquest is available immediately. To learn more visit