Outsell Launches New ‘Stimulus’ Packages at Reduced Contract Costs

As sales and service efforts recover, dealers need to accelerate their marketing and sales strategies – Outsell’s platform can help

Outsell launched new packages today, using Artificial Intelligence and automation, to stimulate automotive dealers’ sales and service revenue at reduced contract costs, including promoting online channels. Results for Outsell’s packaged solutions are guaranteed, tied to a dealer’s linked sales and Repair Orders (ROs).

“As markets reopen, customers will look to take advantage of special offers and online options. Dealerships who are adept at engaging their customers with relevant AI-driven messages will have an edge in capturing the business that’s still out there, along with the pent up demand,” said Mike Wethington, founder and CEO of Outsell. “Their greatest strength in the recovery is to consolidate virtual customer engagement on a single, cost efficient platform that covers the entire individual lifecycle of each and every consumer, is fully automated with on-demand capabilities, and is truly driven by artificial intelligence.”

Outsell continuously works in the background, providing automated, personalized, virtual customer engagement 24/7. Outsell’s virtual customer engagement platform helps dealers create lasting relationships with sales and service customers by keeping in front of them with consistent, relevant, AI-driven communications. It’s an extension of a dealer’s marketing team that can work on autopilot, while providing the flexibility to customize and control communications that target specific consumers.

Outsell also gives dealers an advantage over their competition by pinpointing active in-market shoppers and providing dealers with a scored list that identifies opportunities before customers buy elsewhere.

Outsell’s new packages include:

  • Standard: Everything a dealer needs to get started with automated virtual customer engagement, including tools and templates for individualized email and direct mail, as well as in-market buyer detection.
  • Essentials: Adds Social as another channel for engagement providing a true omnichannel experience, along with additional targeted campaigns for direct mail and email.
  • Enhanced: Adds Sales and Service Conquest capabilities and enhancements across all channels and many additional campaigns.

A comprehensive, multi-year study conducted by Outsell, RXA, and Experian showed that AI-driven consumer lifecycle marketing leads to:

  • 23% increase in repeat sales
  • 31% increase in service visits
  • $427 increase in individual customer value

“This is a time when technology can provide dealers with an enormous edge,” said Wethington. “And Outsell’s new packages make this technology accessible to many more dealers across the United States.”