Outsell Brings Data & Analytics Expertise to the Social Channel

Outsell’s Digital Engagement Platform Now Allows Brands to Leverage Relevant Content and Offers via Social Media Sites Using Analytics and Data to Optimize Social Engagements

Outsell announces the release of Outsell Social in its Digital Engagement Platform.

Outsell’s easy-to-use Digital Engagement Platform allows automobile manufacturers, agencies, marketing associations and individual dealers to share in the development of brand-consistent, analytics-driven marketing programs that drive superior sales results via personalized communications orchestrated across email, SMS, mobile, chat — and now, social.

Through the use of data and behavioral analytics, Outsell has fundamentally changed the way in which automotive brands connect with their customers. Outsell is now bringing that data and analytics expertise to the social channel in the form of Outsell Social, the newest addition to the Outsell Digital Engagement Platform.

In a recent Arbitron survey, 80% of social media users said they prefer connecting to brands through Facebook. In response to this preference, Outsell Social enables dealers to engage more deeply with their customers and prospects, not only on Facebook, but across a variety of popular social networks. Outsell Social enables dealers to engage with consumers across multiple social sites from a single interface while providing the analytics and insights necessary to optimize their brand presence.

Outsell Social’s capabilities include:

Social Scheduler –Dealers can now automatically gather relevant news from across the internet and post it to their social pages and networks. If desired, the agency can review content for brand consistency and automatically share approved content on behalf of the dealers, allowing the dealerships to focus their time on selling while still engaging their fans and followers with compelling content.

Ad-Based Messaging – Powered by Outsell’s predictive algorithms, Ad-Based Messaging enables brands to send custom messages and individual offers to customers on Facebook – a powerful method to both start a new conversation and further a dialogue already underway.

Social Status – Brands can now easily share customer reviews for other customers to see. Social Status constantly monitors popular review sites such as Yelp!, Google+ Local, and DealerRater to alert dealers to new reviews about their store, vehicles and services. With Social Status, dealers can automatically monitor what their customers are saying on popular review sites and easily respond where allowed by the site.

Social Scorecard – With Social Scorecard, brands can now understand which of their social efforts are performing most strongly and what customers truly think about them. Social Scorecard calculates an average review score by social site, helping dealers to understand their brand image, how their content is performing, the effectiveness of Facebook ads, and even which days of the week are best to post. Dealers can also gather information on active followers and reviewers, including influence scores, Twitter handles and geo-location, to better understand a customer’s profile and their corresponding social influence.

“Social is a platform that has become increasingly important to the brands, manufacturers and dealers that we work with who want to engage with their customers in a meaningful way with offers they care about on the channel they prefer,” said Dan Smith, VP of Product at Outsell. “We’ve thought through every component of launching a campaign successfully on social networks, including relevant ads, content, analytics and measurement, and added them to this new social product. We’re excited for the marketers that we work with to have a new channel to leverage through Outsell Social, so they can take a proactive multichannel approach when launching very targeted online marketing campaigns, and reach customers and prospects on their preferred network, whether that’s email, mobile or social, all through the Digital Engagement Platform.”

To learn more about Outsell’s social capabilities, visit: https://www.outsell.com/platform/outsell-social/.