Outsell Announces Significant Platform Upgrades Including an Updated Content Catalog Interface & A New Array of Campaigns

Platform enhancements allow marketers to achieve maximum impact by managing content seamlessly across screens and channels.


Outsell has announced major upgrades to the Digital Engagement Platform with Version 3.5. The enhancements include an array of new campaigns and a new content catalog interface with intelligent filters.

Version 3.5 of Outsell’s award winning platform now offers automotive brands and dealers a host of rich content capabilities that can be supported at all tiers. The new content catalog includes mobile and social campaigns that will allow automotive marketers to tie their brand presence together seamlessly across all screens and tiers. An additional layer of flexibility has also been added to the platform with filtering capabilities that will allow a user to choose a set of campaigns based on audience needs and profit centers.

The Outsell Digital Engagement Platform has been a great success with automotive dealer and brands alike, with the volume of emails being sent to consumers via the Outsell platform growing by 30 percent over the course of 2012, to hit 180 million by the end of the year.

“Our clients tell us that it is difficult and time consuming to deliver great campaigns and content that are relevant to the customer, and ensure maximum impact across mobile, desktop and the social channel,” said Mike Wethington, President & CEO of Outsell. “By giving brands and their dealers the option to pick and choose from a rich content library that spans all tiers of an automotive enterprise, and reuse content across the web and social channels, we’ve streamlined the process, making it even easier for brands to create consistent consumer engagements that are customized and optimized based on their customer’s context.”

In conjunction with the content catalog upgrade, Outsell is also now offering brands a number of new subscription offerings, including a low-cost starter subscription and a high-end subscription which includes Outsell’s proprietary behavioral targeting and analytics packages. Dealers subscribed to the platform now also have access to an easy to use credit card billing function to easily upgrade their campaign subscriptions as needed.

For more information on updates to Outsell’s Digital Engagement Platform Catalog, please visit https://www.outsell.com/platform/version-3-5/