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Outsell and Saatchi & Saatchi’s Toyota Corolla Launch Campaign Wins 2014 Summit Emerging Media Award

2014 Toyota Corolla Launch Wins Innovator Award for Multi-Media Campaign

Outsell with agency partner Saatchi & Saatchi has won the 2014 Summit Emerging Media Award (EMA). The 2014 Toyota Corolla Launch won the Innovator Award in the category Multi-Media Campaign. The Innovator Award recognizes programs that introduce new methodologies and techniques to the industry.

“We are thrilled that Summit International Awards has once again recognized the 2014 Toyota Corolla Launch as a top campaign of the year. I want to congratulate Saatchi & Saatchi NYC and the Outsell Insights team that continue to produce innovative and successful multi-media programs for Toyota North America,” said Michael Wethington, President and CEO, Outsell LLC. “This campaign demonstrates that carefully crafted emails paired with a custom microsite can lead to increased consumer engagement and a rise in sales at the dealership level.”

2014 Toyota Corolla Launch

The all new 2014 Toyota Corolla was about to launch and Outsell & Saatchi & Saatchi were tasked in 2013 to improve perception and drive awareness, test drives, and sales for 214 participating Toyota dealers across the United States. Prior to the launch, a plan was designed to connect to each dealer’s sales database and send out Corolla teaser emails for several months prior to the launch in order to gather behavioral click data and measure Corolla interest.

The 2014 Toyota Corolla Launch campaign consisted of 3 main elements. First, utilizing online and offline behavioral data gathered from the teaser phase, a targeted initial email was deployed that was meant to spread awareness and send traffic to the second element, a custom Corolla microsite. While on the microsite, consumers were immersed in bold, fresh, high-impact colors that mirror the brand’s youthful vitality. Consumers were also encouraged to schedule a test drive and browse the dealer’s inventory. The third element of the launch was a targeted follow-up email to the consumers who engaged in the initial email and microsite. The goal was to re-engage these consumers and close the deal on a new Toyota Corolla.

Outsell and Saatchi & Saatchi saw extraordinary engagement rates with the 2014 Corolla Launch. For example, 70,000 consumers interacted with the Corolla Launch emails and microsite. Consumers who interacted with this campaign generated approximately $3.8 million in Corolla sales revenue for the participating dealers.* To view examples of the award-winning campaign, please visit:

About Summit Emerging Media Award
The Summit Emerging Media Award (Summit EMA) evolved through a need to recognize and celebrate creativity, innovation and those pushing the bounds of creative excellence in all forms of emerging media. Traditionally, advertising has focused strictly on the big idea. Today, advertising needs to break new ground to keep up with the ever-changing pace. It is not about big budgets, but rather big ideas. This award is for the marketers, coders, designers, developers, innovators, visionaries and leaders in this exciting new realm of advertising. The award offers recognition for introducing new methods, directing and helping to set the pace for emerging media, and demonstrating excellence on the web, through apps, videos, mobile sites and social media.

*Individuals who interacted with the campaign and subsequently purchased a new Corolla from a participating dealer determined calculated linked sales revenue. Revenue was calculated based on the price paid to the dealer for each Corolla sale.