Outsell and Automotive News to Host March 23 Webinar for Auto Dealers: “Breaking Down Siloes: Not All Dealer Groups Are Created Equal”

Event will focus on effective data usage and how artificial intelligence helps create higher value customers.

Outsell announced today that on March 23 at 2 pm ET, it will co-host a webinar with Automotive News titled “Breaking Down Siloes: Not All Dealer Groups Are Created Equal.”

Every day, dealer groups miss out on huge business opportunities because their dealerships operate in data silos. Whether your business initiatives and communications are driven at the single-store level or determined at the group level, dealer groups can and should break down their siloed data to obtain a single view of all their customers. Innovative dealer groups develop a communication strategy that utilizes artificial intelligence to provide a personalized and organized approach to their customers and promote their brand as one-of-a-kind – and create loyal customers for life.

Join this webinar and listen as industry veteran Gary Marcotte, senior vice president of customer engagement innovation at Outsell, and Guy Super, vice president of sales at Outsell, discuss how to:

  • Change the customer-retention game plan at both the individual store and group level.
  • Communicate in a compelling way to all your group’s sales and service customers.
  • Further engage those customers personally, continuously, and automatically – no matter which of your group’s stores they bought their vehicle from.

Register online to attend the webinar and learn more about harnessing artificial intelligence to break down your data siloes to leverage all your customer data and to ultimately increase profits.