Service On-Demand

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Service On-Demand

increase service visits by 41%

Increase Your Service Visits

Introducing Outsell’s Service On-Demand. This first-of-its-kind product increases the ability for dealers to engage more with their customers and highest value customers to improve loyalty and increase gross profit.

Leveraging data-driven insights, artificial intelligence, and cutting-edge customer engagement technology, this feature offers real-time service opportunities to dealerships. Furthermore, it seamlessly integrates with Customer Value, which predicts a dealership’s highest value customers over the next three years.

Here’s How It Works

Identify Service Opportunities

  • Target Based on Customer Value: Personalize your communications to focus on your highest value customers who bring in your top revenue.
  • Re-engage Inactive Customers: Reach out to customers who haven’t visited for service in a specific timeframe, rekindling their connection with your dealership.
  • Identify Likely Defectors: Target customers who may be at risk of defecting based on the time elapsed since their last service visit.
  • Brand-Specific Engagement: Tailor messaging to used vehicle buyers within their brand, ensuring a personalized and consistent experience.
  • Proactive Warranty Communication: Identify customers whose warranties are nearing expiration, whether it’s based on projected mileage or time since purchase.
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Convert Opportunities to Appointments

  • Deliver Personalized Messages: Provides you with the ability to include personalized offers, messages, and recommendations based on a customer’s specific vehicle & history.
  • Engage Your Customers: Allows you to engage these customers via email to effortlessly convert your service opportunities to appointments.
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About Outsell:

Outsell is the automotive industry’s leading Customer Engagement Platform, specializing in innovative solutions that drive customer loyalty, increase sales, and boost profitability. With a focus on data-driven insights and personalized experiences, Outsell empowers businesses to elevate their customer engagement resulting in measurable improvements in sales, profitability and customer loyalty of their highest value segments.