Outsell's COVID-19 Strike Force Resources

As the automotive industry and organizations around the globe work toward altering their sales and marketing strategies in this unprecedented time, Outsell has generated and curated some resources for navigating these extraordinary unchartered waters.

Product Updates

How Can Outsell Help?


Recent product updates are designed to enable Outsell’s dealer and OEM customers to reduce their overall expenses. We are working to improve automation to allow dealerships to operate more efficiently, integrate sales and service more deeply to streamline and improve communications, and balance urgent, short-term messages with long-term engagement that drives immediate business, while enhancing loyalty. Messaging adjustments to demonstrate dealer sensitivity during this time, as well as leadership showcasing new ways to shop and service, is an immediate goal for all our customers.

Thanks Dom and the entire staff at Outsell! We had two days of almost no sales and very little traffic due to all the shutdowns, and my GM suggested we look at using Outsell. I signed in that morning and found multiple leases that weren’t being followed up with and within a few hours had four deals sold and three went home that day. This will be our main sales tool throughout this crisis and beyond. Thank you again!!

-Tony Sorensen, New Car Manager, Honda Cars of Bellevue

Best Practices

Dealership Examples

These dealers are proactively informing consumers during this time of crisis, while also continuing to communicate and engage them in today’s more virtual environment.


We are dedicated to ensuring business continuity for our customers and partners and are actively creating content to provide innovative best practices during this difficult time.



Around the industry, well-known dealers, thought leaders, and influencers are coming together as one community to offer resources to help one another.