Schomp Blends Technology with Customer Service

The Company

The Colorado-based Schomp Automotive Group started in 1941 selling vehicles out of the rear of a livery stable in Pueblo and focusing on service, keeping customers’ vehicles running during wartime rationing.

Fast forward 77 years and the dealership group has evolved to include locations in both Colorado and Utah, selling BMW, Honda, Mini, Mercedes Benz, Subaru, Mazda and Hyundai, along with a motorcycle dealership. What hasn’t changed is the philosophy of the group’s leadership. Still a family owned and operated business, Schomp prides itself on serving both its customers and its community through transparency and outreach. That philosophy has paid off for the group, with its BMW, Honda and Mini dealerships being No. 1 in Colorado and regularly leading their zones.

“We’re a high-volume seller, and we have a unique value proposition called ‘One Price, One Person, One Hour.”James KurtenbachMarketing Director for Schomp Automotive Group

The process has one salaried client advisor walk the customer through the entire experience, presents one transparent price for the vehicle and, once the vehicle is selected, can have the paperwork finished and the customer on their way in less than an hour.

The Problem

Stay ahead of the competition. Stay true to company values.

To grow in such a challenging marketplace and stay true to its mission, Schomp decided to bring vendor partners in to take its marketing and showroom efforts to the next level, all the while ensuring that the “One Price, One Person, One Hour” promise to its customers was not only upheld but strengthened.

These partners included Outsell, which utilizes AI-driven marketing automation technology and buyer detection for targeted marketing efforts and A2Z Sync, which provides a one-login platform for all dealership desking needs and provides the salesperson with useful information about each opportunity.

The Solution

“What Outsell has is true one-to-one communication with customers, making decisions based on data. I was pleasantly surprised by the visibility of their process. You can see everything; there’s nothing hidden ‘behind the curtain.’ Reps aren’t coming in and claiming sales they had nothing to do with. Outsell is very transparent with their results. We’re able to see what they’re seeing in real time.”

“Likewise, A2Z Sync allows Schomp to have our processes fully streamlined and locked down. If you don’t have a tool like we have with A2Z Sync that blends all the tools together needed to complete an automotive transaction in one interface, getting the process done in an hour is impossible.”

The Results

“Our marketing budget remained the same or actually went down in some cases, and we’re seeing a pretty dramatic lower cost per lead and lower costs per sales. That’s true for every one of our stores since we’ve had this discipline about our marketing.

“Our job is to give the customer comfort that they can do business with us and that we’re the right choice. That’s how we measure success. Nothing is more powerful than when someone has a good experience. It pays dividends down the road. They’ll come back to you. They’ll tell their friends about their experience. You legitimize everything you’re saying in your marketing.”