Puklich Chevrolet’s Traffic & Linked Sales Increased with Individualized Communications

The Company

Since 1983, Puklich Chevrolet in Bismarck, ND, has focused on tradition, values, and family ties. Kindness, courtesy, and empathy aren’t just buzzwords at Puklich Chevrolet but a way of life leading to years of success.

Their goal has always been to provide customers with an excellent purchase and ownership experience, not just to sell someone a vehicle, but to make them a satisfied customer for life by treating them with respect and integrity.

“DTG Octane’s Virtual Customer Engagement Platform delivers limitless, individualized content to Puklich Chevrolet consumers, driving increased traffic and measurable linked sales.”

The Problem

Like many dealerships looking to improve measurement and marketing optimization, Puklich Chevrolet was struggling to see reliable, clear reporting on the opens and clicks for their communications. More than anything, they sought a change to their marketing strategy to provide more quality traffic back to their website.

In 2019, they turned to the Chevrolet Local Marketing Association (LMA) and Agency 720’s partnership with DTG Octane for help.

The Solution

DTG Octane, a Virtual Customer Engagement platform provided by Agency720 and powered by Outsell, can pinpoint where a customer is in the lifecycle of vehicle ownership and proactively identify content that will best engage them, all using client-retaining artificial intelligence to improve site traffic and overall linked sales with individualized marketing content.

Puklich Chevrolet found the fully LMA-funded DTG Octane program through participation in the dealership’s Local Marketing Association (LMA), which drives creative content for local Chevrolet advertising. Participating dealerships combine marketing funds with other dealers within their LMA for their local marketing spend.

Since partnering with DTG Octane at the beginning of 2019, Puklich Chevrolet has seen consistent quality traffic to its website. DTG Octane has been a top 10 traffic driver for their stores, consistently 8th or 9th in terms of new user acquisition.


The Results

Overall Financial Results over a 6-month period (Jan-Jun 2021)*
  • 62% of overall linked sales attributed to the program were from prior sales customers
  • 20% of overall linked sales attributed to the program were from CRM prospects that had not done business before, along with prior service only customers
  • 15 average linked sales per month
  • 130 average linked ROs per month
Overall Engagement results over a 6-month period (Jan-Jun 2021)**
  • 13.7% Average Unique Click Rate
  • 9.3% Average Unique Open Rate

*Puklich has two stores on the DTG Octane program. Results are combined.

**DTG Octane calculates engagement reporting using unique clickers and openers, not overall clicks or opens.