Oxmoor Auto Group Boosts Sales & Retention

The Company

Oxmoor Auto Group owns and operates five rooftops in the Louisville, Kentucky, area. Over the past several years, its marketing approach has changed dramatically. Where it used to rely heavily on traditional mass media like newspapers and TV, today more than 70 percent of its marketing is via digital channels such as email and social media.

The Problem

Chip Alvey, Ecommerce Director at Oxmoor Auto Group, wanted a better way to keep in front of customers and prospects on a monthly basis. In his experience, generic email had low open rates and low deliverability. He wanted to be able to personalize content at the individual level and mine all the gold he knew was sitting in Oxmoor’s existing customer database.

  • Keep in front of prospective customers with relevant offers
  • Optimize email deliverability
  • Leverage existing customer database to find in-market shoppers

The Solution

When an Outsell rep reached out to Alvey back in 2016, he was receptive. “Outsell had all the features I was looking for, and was designed just for auto dealers,” he says. Outsell lets Oxmoor automate much of the process yet ensures every message is timely and relevant, customized to each person’s preferences.

“Outsell is one of our key vendor partners. The technology is great, and I stay with them for the service and their ability to adapt. Outsell is constantly innovating and giving us more features.”Chip AlveyEcommerce Director Oxmoor Auto Group

The Results

“Outsell makes it simple to measure campaign impact. We see 25-30 additional sales per month from our Outsell campaigns.”

Outsell automatically creates individual messages that are completely personalized, down to specific VINs that a customer might be interested in. This in turn drives store visits and sales.

According to Alvey, “The customer database is one of the most overlooked resources that a dealership has. The database contains details not just on people who have purchased cars, but also people who have done test drives, or come in for service, or came in and looked but didn’t buy.” All of those people should be considered prospects, Alvey said, especially since Outsell can detect when they are back in market.

42.3% of Oxmoor’s linked sales with Outsell have come from CRM prospects, unsold leads, or prior service only customers.

“Outsell’s buyer detection reports are one of the best tools we have for our BDCs,” Alvey says. “Our team knows those will be good leads.”

Oxmoor also sees a:
  • 98.4% delivery rate
  • 0.2% opt out rate
  • 299 in-market shoppers per month across 5 stores
Specific to Inventory Mover campaign, which targets consumers actively engaging inventory:
  • 45.6% unique open rate
  • 48% unique click thru rate