Dealers are Driving Repair Orders with Service On-Demand

The Story

Outsell provides dealers with solutions to help engage their customers and increase sales, service, and customer loyalty. While automation is core to our platform, “On-Demand” campaigns were developed to equip dealers with tools to address their unique challenges in real-time and drive results for their dealership. And as always, it’s got the power of AI AssistTM to ensure it is sending the customer the right message at the right time. That’s the power of Outsell.

The Objective

The first On-Demand campaigns supported sales and vehicle acquisition. However, with the latest release, Service On-Demand, dealers now have a solution to boost repair orders and service gross profits.

The Solution

Since launching in October, our dealers have sent over 100 Service On-Demand campaigns leading to impressive results.

The Results




Linked Repair Orders


Service Gross Profit

Additionally, 35% of repair orders were from customers who had not serviced in over 320 days.

And these results persist at an individual dealer level. Here’s what one Honda dealer generated after sending their first Service On-Demand:




Linked Repair Orders


Service Gross Profit

Furthermore, 57% of the linked ROs were from lapsed servicers who had not been in for an average of 460 days (nearly 1.5 years) – driving 82% of the service gross profits generated from the campaign.

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About Outsell

Outsell is the automotive industry’s leading Customer Engagement Platform. Through personalized communications powered by AI Assist™, we create measurable impact in customer loyalty, profitability and marketing efficiency. And for the first time in automotive history we can show you your top 20% that will drive more than 65% of your gross profit in the next 3 years. That is customer engagement done right.