Carriage Auto Group Bridges the Experience Between Digital and the Store

The Company

For 25 years, the Carriage Auto Group in Gainesville, GA has been in the business of helping customers find the right car for the right price. During that time their unwavering commitment for placing the customer first has allowed them to be recognized as one of the premiere automotive groups not only in Georgia, but throughout the southeast. Their dedication is built on their customer’s driving experience and their philosophy is simple: customer first.

Carriage Auto Group has partnered with Outsell since 2019 to use data to provide real time next best actions, proving out ROI for customer experience through loyalty and retention.

The Problem

Arm salespeople with knowledge – about customers they’re calling or meeting in store.

Make the store more relevant – by bringing it to life online.

Tailor Digital Retailing – recognizing that (in Carriage Auto Group’s PMA) not everyone wants digital retailing.

The Solution

Carriage Auto Group’s Marketing & Technology Director, Chris Basha, turned to Outsell to help with creating a streamlined customer experience.

Customers expect marketing messages that are designed for them. From conquesting to purchase, ownership, maintenance, and the next round of positive equity that leads to discovery and shopping, Outsell keeps dealerships top of mind with consumers by dynamically communicating relevant content from the moment they purchase or service, and automatically chooses the most effective channel to engage them. Chris and the team at Carriage consider Outsell an integral part of their day-to-day operations and find they are critical to their success.

“Outsell turned what used to be a huge slog of gathering incentives, making creative, and deploying haphazard and dull equity emails to our customers into something elegant and intuitive. There’s no need for a data scientist or a graphic designer anymore – Outsell turned similar payment upgrades into a piece of cake.”Chris BashaMarketing & Technology Director, Carriage Auto Group

The Results

In only a three-month period, from May to July 2020, Carriage Auto Group saw:

Linked Sales

  • 101 Linked Sales
  • $170,340 in Total Gross Profit

Linked ROs:

  • 1,559 Linked ROs
  • $168,071 in Total Gross Profit
In a year’s time, Carriage Auto Group has gone from:

Linked Sales

  • July 2019: 8 Monthly Linked Sales
  • July 2020: 36 Monthly Linked Sales
    • Averaging 21 Monthly Linked Sales over that year

Linked ROs

  • July 2019: 79 Monthly Linked ROs
  • July 2020: 581 Monthly Linked ROs
    • Averaging 395 Monthly Linked ROs over that year
“It’s important when you’re looking at marketing like this to recognize that it’s not necessarily going to provide instant results, you need to look at it as more of a long-term communication branding strategy with your customers. There are some features in Outsell that enable you to conduct on demand campaigns, like equity, similar payments, and acquire trades that may result in more immediate results in the short-term.”Chris BashaMarketing & Technology Director, Carriage Auto Group