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November 28, 2011

Outsell Awards Earn Smiles

The Awards Arrive!

Outsell has been honored this year with two prestigious awards, the first being a spot on the Inc. 5000 List, and then winning the platinum Summit Marketing Effectiveness Award for our Mobile Service Club, an important feature of our extensive campaign catalog. The Inc. 5000 Award is represented by our Senior Leadership Team, including CEO and Founder, Mike Wethington. The Summit Marketing Effectiveness Award is represented by the team responsible for our Mobile Service Club offer, including Corporate Vice Present, Steve Farr.

Thank you to everyone at Outsell for making this such a successful year!

May 18, 2011

The Outsell Buck Jar

Outsell tradition dictates that during all leadership team meetings, and many All Associate meetings, the infamous Buck Jar must make an appearance. The presence of the Buck Jar allows for anyone to verbally slam anyone else as long as they are willing to fork over a dollar. Money collected throughout the year from the Buck Jar is donated to Outsell’s charitable partners.

Congratulations to Richard Scheig , Vice President of Sales & Marketing, for his first buck in the Buck Jar! Since the slam was directed at Director of Finance & Administration, Matt Hanley, and his wardrobe, we encourage Matt to get back at Richard next time.


Leading the Conversation

Social Media and Online Marketing can mean something entirely different to different marketers as well as different industries, but for most the goal is the same, to drive more traffic to the company’s main website and potentially gain more customers and closer relationships with current customers.

The largest areas this is done regularly and successfully is through blogging, Facebook, and Twitter, but what are the best ways to use those tools?

The key elements that come up again and again from professionals using social media is to have a plan, make sure the different aspects you are using are integrated, and listen to your customers.

Blogging as a company is different than running a personal blog. It can’t be about the hit count or the amount of comments on posts, if any, but about the content you are putting out there being relevant and important to the consumers who find their way to your site. What to write for a blog post is as important as who you are trying to reach. Customers aren’t interested in only hearing about how wonderful your dealership is, what specials are going on, or that great testimonial or customer experience.

Those things are great spaced out with other content, but people are fickle. They want variety. Too much of the blogosphere, Facebook, and Twitter, are filled with more of the same. Stay current on automotive news, trends, and interesting facts as well.

And please, don’t take the route so many other budding social media savvy dealerships have taken and fill your tweets with superfluous ‘What’s your favorite color?’ and ‘Tell us what you did this weekend?’ questions. That tactic isn’t original or relevant.

Do make your posts and comments fun, however. Social Media is supposed to be fun, that’s why people spend so much time there. Tracy Gold in her article, “What I Learned About Social Media from Angry Birds,” said it best:

“Sure, people read articles to learn what’s going on in their field, and they watch how-to videos. But no one is going to remember your brands’ boring breakdown of how to install WordPress. They’re going to remember the posts that made them laugh, and the tweets they think are clever. So if you’re just churning out the same-old, same-old content, stop it! Think about how you can make sure that you’re keeping social media the way it’s supposed to be: fun.”

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February 3, 2011

The Mobile Service Club

Dealers Join the Mobile Revolution

As announced in Outsell’s recent press release highlighting our 2010 accomplishments, The Mobile Service Club is a newly offered product through The Campaign Store targeting mobile/SMS users.

Customers of participating dealerships have the opportunity to sign up for the club and receive service updates right to their cell phones each month. Dealerships can fully customize the service message that is sent out, giving their customers two offers to benefit from with every message, which might also help to remind them that they need to come in for service anyway.

If a dealership chooses, they can update the information in the text message as often as they want, or allow the program to run on automation from previously selected options. The club allows the dealership to communicate with their customers on a more regular basis, while also tracking those interactions to see how they directly correlate to customers coming in for service.

One option for advertising The Mobile Service Club to customers is through the newsletter and email campaigns dealerships can also utilize through Outsell. Some savvy dealerships have taken their advertising to the next step, including blurbs about The Mobile Service Club on their Facebook Fanpages. Information on how to sign up for the club can also be easily printed out and posted right in the service center.

After signing up for The Mobile Service Club, customers have the option at any time to text back STOP to cease messages or HELP to receive further assistance, reassuring them of direct interaction and care from the dealer.

The idea for The Mobile Service Club came about after recognizing the growing need to engage more automotive customers through mobile, and in the most effective way, starting with service related texts that are more pertinent to customers month to month.

Steve Farr, Corporate Vice President for Outsell, said:

The goal over the next 2-3 years should be to have more mobile responses and interactions with customers than email if dealerships want to stay in line with where the industry is heading, as well as with what customers are coming to expect.

At Outsell, we are excited to see that a large percentage of the customers who take a look at The Mobile Service Club option or sign up for the service are that much more likely to go into the dealership than they are with the promise of coupons alone.

Are you a part of the mobile revolution? Read more about how smartphones are being integrated more and more into every aspect of the automotive industry here.

Spotlight on Social Media

Recently, Outsell had the opportunity to speak with Stephen Higgins, Social Media Manager for AutoNation. You can read the transcript of our chat below.