Winning the Service Race: Outsell’s On-Demand Campaigns Drive Record Results 

Written by Evan Small – Product Marketing Manager

In the past five years, dealerships have faced significant changes—from inventory fluctuations and shifting vehicle demand to rising interest rates and squeezed margins. Amid these challenges, the importance of fixed ops and service business remains unwavering. However, the bulk of advertising budgets and messaging continues to prioritize sales, leaving service lanes underpromoted. 

Furthermore, dealerships also face fierce competition from independent service shops, which often capture a significant share of the service market. To remain competitive and attract more customers to their service lanes, dealerships need a strategic edge. 

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Enter the need for a strategic shift. Advanced CDPs/CEPs like Outsell are revolutionizing how dealerships drive service business. With Outsell, dealerships can take advantage of their database, communicate directly with their customers, and leverage on-demand campaigns for sales, trade-ins, and service, allowing them to adapt swiftly and meet rising service demands. 

Consider CMA’s Colonial Honda, which sought to promote their express oil change offering and boost overall business. With Outsell’s Service On-Demand campaign, they were able to target lapsed servicers, introduce the Express Service Lane and its benefits, and include a unique offer / coupon. Best of all, they not only met this goal but also achieved a record-breaking May. The results are nothing short of impressive: 

  • The percentage of total clicks for service increased from 31.58% to 53.85% following the campaign
  • Unique consumers on service campaigns saw an impressive increase of 46.43%
  • Service Coupon Page accounted for 21% of all clicks
  • Schedule Service Page and Service Accessories Page accounted for 12.76% and 19.25% of all clicks
  • RO conversions has shown a remarkable trend – increasing 23.96% in the first month following the deployment.

Outsell’s Service On-Demand is just one of the tools dealerships can use to drive business, outshine the competition, and meet evolving customer demands. This success story is a testament to the transformative impact of embracing cutting-edge solutions. Don’t get left behind—accelerate your service growth with Outsell today.

Special shoutout and thanks to Corey Dahl, Service Director and Service Rockstar, and the CMA team.