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Leveraging the Power of AI to Build Efficiencies

Gary Marcotte, SVP Customer Engagement Innovation

In today’s fast-paced automotive industry, staying ahead of the curve is not just a competitive advantage; it’s a necessity. With rapidly evolving consumer demands, fierce market competition, and squeezed margins, traditional dealership strategies are being challenged like never before. To thrive in this dynamic environment, dealerships must embrace the transformative power of technology, software, and AI.

Efficiency has long been a cornerstone of success in any business, and automotive dealerships are no exception. However, the traditional methods of achieving efficiency through manual processes and human effort are no longer sufficient to meet the demands of modern consumers. Today, the key to unlocking efficiencies lies in harnessing the capabilities of technology and AI.

1st Party Data Sources added to the Power of Outsell's AI brain and deploying omnichannel marketing

By integrating advanced software solutions and AI-driven tools, dealerships can engage with their customers at scale like never before. Outsell’s Customer Engagement Platform is the perfect example of this type of data driven strategy. By leveraging data-driven insights and predictive analytics, Outsell enables dealerships to engage with customers in a more personalized and targeted manner, delivering the right message at the right time through the right medium.

But what sets Outsell apart is not just its cutting-edge technology; it’s the tangible benefits it brings to dealerships across the board. Here’s how:

Team Efficiencies: With Outsell’s intuitive interface and automated reporting capabilities, like the Daily Engagement Report and the GM Report, dealership teams can know exactly where to put their focus. General Managers can gain insights into Outsell’s reach, engagement and conversion rates. This enables them to streamline their workflows, reduce the need for manual tasks, and focus their efforts on high-value activities. By eliminating repetitive tasks and improving visibility into the power of their customer engagement, Outsell empowers teams to work more efficiently and effectively.

Marketing Efficiencies: Traditional marketing methods often rely on broad, one-size-fits-all approaches that may not resonate with today’s discerning consumers. Outsell revolutionizes marketing by delivering hyper-personalized campaigns tailored to each individual customer’s preferences, behaviors, and needs. This targeted approach not only increases engagement but also maximizes marketing ROI.

Customer Retention: In an industry where customer loyalty is paramount, Outsell helps dealerships strengthen relationships with existing customers and drive repeat business. By delivering timely, relevant communications and offers, dealerships can foster long-term loyalty and increase customer retention of their highest value customers. And Outsell is the only company that can show a dealership who their top 20% of their customers are. Their Customer Value scoring shows the top 20% of their customers that will bring in more than 65% of their revenue in the next three years. Allowing dealership to know exactly where to focus their dollars and energy.

Profitability Maximization: Ultimately, the goal of any dealership is to maximize profitability, and Outsell is a powerful tool in achieving this objective. By optimizing marketing spend, increasing customer retention, and driving incremental sales and service ROs, Outsell helps dealerships boost their bottom line and achieve sustainable growth.

Results. Guaranteed. Yes, you read that right. Outsell stands behind their product and the power of their AI and engagement so much that they will show you what your results will be and guarantee them. Making this decision a true no-brainer.

Outsell’s Customer Engagement Platform represents the pinnacle of innovation in this space, offering a holistic solution that enhances team and marketing efficiencies, improves customer retention, and maximizes profitability. By leveraging the power of Outsell, dealerships can engage with their customers in a more meaningful way, driving success and preparing for a strong future.

Source: Outsell Insights