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Outsell’s Engagement Study

Improve your customer communication for higher retention rates with Outsell’s CDEP. Find the ideal balance between quality and quantity in your communications with Aspen Finn and Outsell’s study findings. Discover the importance of personalized and monthly communication – in the right place at the right time with the right message.

We conducted a study to understand what quality customers expect from their communication with dealerships and how much quantity is the best balance. Here are some of our key findings:

  1. Personally relevant communications matter most: Keep content local and personalized, with product news, special offers, how your dealership benefits the community, and thank you emails after service to keep customers loyal.
  2. Monthly Communication is Optimal: Our study found that once a month is the ideal frequency for communication, regardless of the channel used. Outsell.com’s technology allows you to send targeted communication at just the right frequency, so your customers stay engaged without feeling overwhelmed.
  3. The Power of Communication in Sales: Dealbreakers for at least half of consumers polled are unfriendly or pushy salespeople. The most important thing is to have good training, communication cadence, and reputation management in place before a bad experience can occur, so you are prepared to respond quickly and efficiently.
  4. Too much communication can drive customers away: Monthly communication is best, but not only because it is standard and the preferred cadence by most consumers, but because ignoring that preference and erring on the side of too much is more likely to drive them away.
  5. Loyal, repeat customers require more communication: Our study found that loyal customers require more frequency and demand more personalization. Outsell’s platform offers customization based on individual customer preferences, earning continued loyalty for you and your dealership.

By using Outsell’s CDEP, dealerships can improve their customer communication and retention rates, ensuring that they build long-lasting relationships with their customers. Improve your customer communication for higher retention rates with Outsell’s CDEP.

Source: Aspen Finn Study 2022