Used Cars CDEP

Now Used Vehicles can Benefit from a CEP

Why should a 360 degree view of customers and personally relevant communications be reserved for new vehicle dealerships only? Retention, repeat purchases, and often service are just as important for Used Vehicle Dealerships in today’s changing market. Outsell has the answer.   

Outsell has introduced its Customer Data and Engagement Platform (CEP) for Used Vehicle dealers. Finding that many new vehicle dealership customers also had stand-alone Used Vehicle locations, Outsell worked with its Innovator Board to understand the need. Learning included that many of these stores had the same infrastructure as new vehicle dealerships. They also had the same needs, including: 

  • Accelerating conversion for prospects 
  • Encouraging multiple purchases within the household 
  • Building engagement to stimulate greater repurchase retention 
  • Encouraging service at other Dealer Group stores when there is no service onsite 

With the encouragement of the Innovators, the Outsell Used Vehicle solution is now available and includes the highly touted CEP, which gathers transaction and ownership data from the store Dealer Management System, along with Prospect and other information from the CRM, and inventory from the store and consolidates that cleansed data into the easy to use Outsell Portal. Other features of the package include: 

  • A monthly broadcast to customers and prospects that includes custom tailored content for Used Vehicle shoppers and owners. 
  • Personalized Used Vehicle inventory recommendations when consumers are in the market.  These recommendations are based on actual behavior. 
  • Weekly communication to in-market shoppers updating them on new inventory and other changes 

Outsell’s Dealer Group solution also communicates to these used vehicle owners on behalf of all the Group’s store locations, encouraging these orphans to return to any location for service. 

The results reinforce the recommendations of our Innovators. Customer and shopper engagement with these personally relevant communications is higher than engagement for many new vehicle brands. This shows customers and shoppers are hungry for communication from these stores and the content is clearly relevant. Service communication from the Group that encourages service at any Group location has shown it doubles service retention for Used Vehicle orphans. 

Why should Used Vehicle dealers adopt the same CEP and personally relevant communication practices as new vehicle dealerships?  Simple, because it works. 

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