Keep your service bay full with these best practices

Even when there isn’t an inventory shortage for multiple brands across the country, it’s understood in the automotive industry that margins are made in the service bay.

Drive more service business with these four best practices.

1. Pull lists of high engagers with service content at least once a month to follow up.

High engagers are more likely to convert and typically spend more. Outsell’s Find by Engagement feature, for example, makes list pulling easier. If a list appears unmanageable, our dealer partners can further filter based on their individual goals, such as targeting lessees.

Once you’ve got your list, follow up with a personal touch point – like an email from the service director or a phone call from a service advisor.

2. Filter in Lapsed Servicers to find consumers for targeted outreach who previously serviced with you.

This provides another narrowed list to go after servicers who lapsed and reengage them wherever they are in their lifecycle. Within the Outsell platform, this is another built in feature to make list building easier.

Reaching out to Lapsed Servicers will always give you high engagement since they have already transacted with your dealership before. Staying top-of-mind is critical for continual service business, so don’t let your customers service with you once and then take their business down the road the next time.

3. Update service offers quarterly, if not monthly, and make sure your communications highlight why to service at your dealership.

Customers, even those already engaged, expect to see up-to-date offers. This is also an opportunity to highlight services you want to push as a monthly or quarterly goal.

Customers are always looking for the best deal or experience, so if you aren’t showcasing relevant offers and highlighting the benefits of your service lane, you can be assured that your competitor is. Outsell suggests starting monthly until you can gauge ongoing performance.

4. Highlight any perks of servicing at your dealership, such as a free car wash or loaner program.

Dealership-specific offers and special events, rather than relying solely on brand content, can increase the quality of engagement on communications. Instead of a generic feel, highlighting what matters most to your dealership sets you apart from competitors.

Consider creating a video of what your customers can expect when they arrive for their service appointment. Actual photos of your amenities and even service employees add that extra flair that your communications need.

According to Digital Dealer:

“To drive more second and third service appointments, use customer data and technology to build loyalty. Leverage your manufacturer’s owner retention program (ORP) and explore options to enhance it with digital marketing.”

Contact Outsell today to learn how you can utilize Lifecycle Marketing to remain the preeminent service provider of choice every month.