“The Scouting Report” Highlights the Most Actionable Opportunities for Outsell’s Dealer Partners

Outsell provides an automated alerts solution called “The Scouting Report” that highlights the most actionable opportunities for our dealer partners.

Sent twice weekly, these reports provide helpful insights and potential opportunities for salespeople, service managers, and BDC managers on a regular basis.

The report includes insights on:

  • Active In-Market Consumers
    • Most recent engagers with the highest Buyer Detection scores since last report.
  • In-Equity Consumers
    • Consumers who have been identified as having equity in their vehicle sorted by Buyer Detection score.
  • Lapsed Service Consumers
    • Consumers who have not been in for service in 12+ months – or have missed their first-time service interval.
  • Service Appointment Opportunities
    • Consumers who have a scheduled appointment within the next 5 days who are likely vehicle sales opportunities.

In-Equity Consumers, for example, gives a dealer’s sales team a call-down list of consumers who have a Buyer Detection score higher than 6 with a current vehicle calculated for equity or available for trade.

“The performance speaks for itself, and I had a team that knew the potential benefit and committed to working closely with Outsell to drive better results. Also, the Outsell team is fantastic and very responsive in everything from the setup to the monthly meetings. They are highly committed to our success.”

– Sean McKannay, CIO/Digital Marketing, Dick Hannah Dealerships

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