Derive the Greatest Impact from Your Campaigns with a Software-as-a-Service Platform

What if you could utilize technology to easily understand customers’ behavior and engage them in a more effective, more targeted conversation via digital channels? And what if that same technology seamlessly utilized integrated behavioral patterns and analytics to target ready-to-send campaigns you could access and execute from an easy-to-use platform?

Enter the SaaS customer engagement solution. Utilizing your dealership’s DMS and CRM data, these solutions employ complex analytic models to give you the power of behaviorally-targeted campaigns. Analytics-driven marketing campaigns generate better customer engagement and better results through a more intimate understanding of customer behaviors. Plus, SaaS solutions are often less costly to operate than one may anticipate.

You have a wealth of data in your CRM and DMS systems that can be leveraged in analytical models and segmentation to create very powerful marketing treatments. But it shouldn’t take a PhD to understand your prospects and current customer base.

In a SaaS-based customer engagement platform, shopper and owner behavioral data is normalized, consolidated, and analyzed, and these behaviors become the basis of targeted sales and service campaigns. Generating cross-channel marketing campaigns from a ‘single source of truth’ ensures messaging is timely, relevant, and personalized across each phase of the customer’s journey. Customers should feel as if you are providing them with appropriate information and insight just a step ahead of where they are in their consideration process.

When done well, your marketing messages can feel like well-timed individual customer conversations that anticipate needs and provide meaningful information to make an informed buying decision.

SaaS customer engagement solutions make huge amounts of data from a variety of sources easy to manage, and complex analytical models simple and easy to understand. Just as critical is the availability of analytically-driven, brand-consistent, ready-to-execute campaigns likely to drive the strongest engagement.

SaaS customer engagement platforms should be flexible enough to allow for campaign localization and custom offers, and simple enough to allow for ‘set it and forget it’ options for ‘lights-out’ campaign execution. This flexibility gives automotive dealers the ability to both accommodate local needs while harnessing the predictive power of sophisticated analytics to accomplish their goals.

By providing a single platform for data and content, with common business rules and customer treatments, SaaS-based platforms can orchestrate and execute multi-wave, cross-channel campaigns that drive the greatest impact.

Learn more about our customer engagement platform, Outsell Fuel, HERE.