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3 Social Media Tips to Conquer Automotive Trends

Hootsuite recently released a guide on “Automotive Industry Trends Revealed through Social Conversations.” In it they reveal 3 major trends that you need to be aware of.

The Competition

Whatever your automotive brand, your competitors consistently show up in conversations about you, and are some of the top search terms that can lead customers to your brand. Customers often shop similar brands to compare before purchase, so this shouldn’t be a surprise, but it’s also something that shouldn’t be ignored.

Monitor what is being said in these conversations about both your brand and competing brands. What are people most concerned about or comparing when looking at you versus a competitor? How are your competitors marketing their vehicles and features? The answers can help improve your marketing strategy and get one-up on the competition.

Models and Features

It should also come as no surprise that along with brand names and specific models, social media is filled with conversation about product features, colors, and comparisons.

Just as you watch social conversations for competitive info, watch for what consumers are discussing about the models and features they like or dislike. The more your sales team is prepared to answer the hot topic questions on features and pricing, the better they can engage customers and make the sale.

Corporate News

The automotive industry gets a lot of attention in social media. Stay up to date on news about your brand and your competition to stay ahead of what most concerns customers. When you’re informed, you can better address these concerns quickly. Tone is also important. Be helpful and understanding, never defensive. Customers want to know that your brand is willing to engage when they have questions.


Monitoring social media is as important as participating in the conversation. Now you know a few topics to watch out for, and how to best engage potential customers.

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