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2014 Chili Cook-off for Outsell Caring Committee

With all the exciting events the Outsell Caring Committee has going on at the end of each year we moved up the Chili Cook-Off for 2014. There is no better way to get in the mood for Fall than with some good comfort food.


Categories Included:
1. Traditional/Non-Traditional
2. Hot/Spicy
3. Vegan/Vegetarian

Associates voted with cash on their favorite chili: $1 = 1 vote, $5 = 5 votes, $20 = 20 votes, and so on, with proceeds going to Outsell charities.

This year, we were able to raise $291.12!

Our overall winner and the one who gets to hold on to the chili trophy for the year was:


A sign beside their chili had this to say:

“There are two things America got right: chili and freedom.” -Conner Smith

In Greek mythology, one often hears mention of Ambrosia, the nectar of the gods, which was an essential course for any feast held to honor Zeus and his siblings; however, the recipe for such a righteous delicacy failed to stand the test of time and is considered lost to humankind. Today, we believe we have reclaimed that long lost, saintly nectar with our chili.

We thought it important to capture the essence of America in our chili. We chose only the finest ingredients Target provides, meaning our chili is 100% Corporate America. That powerful kick you taste? That’s Freedom, my friend. That mouth-watering spice? That’s Justice for All. Our chili will make you want to sing “God Bless America” while you tear up with patriotic pride. Some would label us as audacious for attempting to create such a potent chili; to them we say:

“Eat good chili, or die.” TM

The votes stood as follows:

Nicole Tako – 35 votes
Gloria Abellaneda – 25 votes
Judy Wright – 12 votes

The Smiths (Conner & Dan) – 60.20 votes
Andy Wilson – 58.14 votes
Bryan & Mindy Harwood – 21.11 votes
Katy Lyman – 10.33 votes

Linnea Vogelzang-Brown – 30.22 votes
Amy Van Schepen – 29.12 votes