Magnifying Online Marketing Tips

3 Ways to SUPERCHARGE Your Dealership’s Online Marketing

Recently, Dataium, the world’s largest compiler of online automotive shopping behavior, released a guide on the top 7 ways dealers can improve their online marketing. We’re going to look at 3 that we feel are top priority.

Don’t Forget Mobile

“During major shopping seasons, 1/3 of all dealer traffic came from mobile devices.”

Multi-device research when considering purchasing a vehicle has dramatically increased over the past year, specifically with mobile. We know you’ve already heard more than you can probably stand about the importance of mobile, but now is the time to listen. The truth is shoppers ARE going to your site and checking out your dealership from their phone. Make sure the experience of your website on mobile is just as effective as anywhere else, and look into more mobile friendly content.

Spend Where the Conversions Are

“Organic search results generate 20% of online dealership leads; PPC only generates 0.8%.”

This is why analytics is so important in deciding your marketing mix. Take a close look at where your conversions are most being made. If you find that your numbers align with Dataium’s, it may be time to leave PPC behind. Ignoring data—yes Big Data, which you’ve also been hearing so much about lately—could be your downfall. Your bottom line suffers when you spend where the conversions simply aren’t happening, so look at the data and spend appropriately.

Encourage Reviews

“Users who read positive reviews are 4x more likely to submit a lead.”

When you have a successful experience with a customer, whether for sales or service, encourage that loyalty by requesting a review. When the next interested shopper comes along, seeing positive reviews about your dealership online really does make a difference. But don’t panic over the negative reviews. Address them quickly and patiently, doing all you can to appease unsatisfied customers. Even if you can’t work something out, the proof that you tried, that you care about the experience even after the sale, can often get those consumers who go straight to negative reviews to still give your dealership a chance when they see how you handled a bad experience.


Get the full guide from Dataium with all 7 tips HERE. And learn more about how Outsell BuyerScout uses data to help you see who’s ready to buy and what they are most interested in purchasing.