Quality Over Quantity for Social Media Success

Sprinklr’s recent study on “Top Car Brands in Social” revealed that while BMW has the largest audience, Rolls Royce has what they consider to be the best social content, with the highest rate of engagement.

Any dealer can achieve similar success in social, regardless of brand or audience base, but what is success? Do you want to reach more people or convert more of the people you do reach into loyal customers?

To look at another industry, a recent study by Engagement Labs revealed that across Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, The Ritz-Carlton received almost four times more engagement than any other hotel chain.

“The brand made an early decision not to chase a large audience of unqualified fans, but rather to focus on building an audience of keen travel, luxury, lifestyle and brand enthusiasts with whom they would engage in meaningful daily conversation.” Read more

The Ritz-Carlton also focuses on analytical insights to identify their most popular content, and to engage with past and their most likely future customers.

“Large numbers aren’t the goal. Likes and retweets don’t necessarily translate to engaged consumers. When we look at the completed body of work, our measure of success is whether or not we have succeeded in connecting with guests in a way that matters to them.” – Allison Sitch, The Ritz-Carlton Vice President Global Public Relations

Hotel chains, including The Ritz-Carlton, use Twitter as a virtual concierge, where customers can ask questions that are quickly addressed. Facebook, in addition to this, is optimal for posting user-generated content.

Dealers can take a cue from these tactics by encouraging customers to ask questions during the buying process. Transparent answers over social media builds loyalty even before someone steps on the lot. Then, after a successful sale, encourage customers to post pictures of their new vehicle on your Facebook Page, and to share those same photos on their Timelines.

Engagement is the key to success in social, and quality content breeds the best engagement.

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