Extend Your Brand Story from Online to the Dealership

“In a world with an increasingly shorter attention span, the retail experience means being inspired around the dinner table, starting a quick search on a mobile phone, followed by deeper online research at home, and then possibly a visit to the store over the weekend to test it out … and that may not even be the end of the line. Sometimes, there’s the urge to do more research or price comparisons, which often takes the customer back online.”
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Dealerships, much like other retail stores, need to offer continuity with every customer experience. The dealer website, customer communications, the store, the lot, and the cars themselves should all reflect the same brand story.

When you walk into an Apple Store you can’t help but feel a sense of familiarity in how the design not only fits the products but also Apple’s presence online. There’s continuity in the brand story of all three: the digital experience, the physical experience, and the products.

When someone is shopping for a car, they need to see your brand identity connect across media, so that whether they are online doing research, clicking through the newest email campaign from your store, or car shopping in person on the lot, there is a similar sense of ‘this is why this brand is the best’ and competing dealerships are forgotten.

Consider what makes a good dealer website. Design your site to be unique to your vehicles and customers, and translate that to the look and feel of your store. Likewise, all customer communications, whether email, display ads, or print, should relate to that same customer experience.

Once consumers visit your dealership and are ready to make a purchase, they should feel a sense of continuity—a unified brand story.

Apple’s story comes through no matter where you access their brand. Does yours?

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