Engage Your Audience like McDonald’s MyBurger Campaign

Customer Engagement Strategy

There is no single right answer for how to best advertise a product. Success comes from engaging your audience in a way they feel most comfortable with and can relate to, and that also captures their attention and imagination.

“That might mean social media posts on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. It might mean display and banner ads on a popular website. It might mean email blasts to a carefully cultivated email distribution list…or it might mean a smart media mix – of all or many of the above. When it comes to impactful and successful advertising, the “right answer” is always the “smart answer.” -Fang Digital Marketing

Finding that smart answer is about data through research and testing. The more you know about your target audience’s behaviors, on and offline, the more successful your advertising toward those consumers can be.

McDonald’s UK recognizes that its customers (and potential new customers) not only enjoy the basics of a good burger, but easy engagement online. And, as a whole, consumers all across the globe love customization. Combining these ideas, McDonald’s UK is asking the public to decide on a new burger. At the MyBurger website people can choose from 80 different ingredients and endless possible combinations, with the chance at being chosen as one of the burgers sold limited time in 1,200 restaurants across the UK. A similar competition was successful in Europe in 2012.

A contest like this creates consumer engagement, getting people involved directly with the brand in a new way, builds hype for the eventual winners and gets people in the stores in the interim, and allows for product development, basically using free consumer labor to give the company new ideas on what people want and therefore what burgers to sell them.

“Customization and digital engagement are becoming an integral part of how consumers interact with companies and we want to continue to innovate as a brand,” Alistair Macrow, SVP and chief marketing officer of McDonald’s UK, told Marketing Magazine.

Engage consumers where and how they want to engage, based on who they are and their behavior.

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