Chevrolet Truck Month: How Outsell Supported Chevy’s Massive National Campaign

Every year, Chevrolet launches “Truck Month” to help support sales of the iconic Silverado truck. Outsell worked tirelessly to help support this national initiative to ensure “Truck Month” was a success.

Our support consisted of 8 different communications spread over two months. These included a multi-wave behavioral campaign, “Truck Month” announcements, newsletter integration, and targeted Silverado campaign integration.

In just 28 days…

226,123 email opens on Truck Month Communications.
33,281 clicks on Truck Month links:
365 clicks to test drive or contact the dealer
7,421 clicks to view Silverado Inventory
11,125 clicks to view Silverado Offers
14,370 clicks on Truck Month Content (landing pages, videos, articles, etc.)
120 Silverado trucks were purchased by consumers who first opened at least one of the communications mentioned above. This comes out to the following:

$4,735,371 in Silverado Dealer Sales Revenue
$287,107 in Silverado Dealer Gross Profit