Looking Again at Digital Marketing Trends & Prediction for 2014 [INFOGRAPHIC]

As we head into the 2nd quarter of 2014, it’s important to look at upcoming trends for the year to see if your business is on track and look at where you might need to shift your focus in the following months.

The marketing blog Position2 posted an important infographic at the start of the year: “Digital Marketing Trends & Prediction for 2014.” As you can see in the image below, Mobile remains one of the focal points for growth, as well as Automation, but maybe most interestingly is how the different forms of digital marketing work best together.

“Social sharing buttons in email increases CTR (click-through rate) by 158%.”

We can see that over half of enterprise brands believe social media is the top driver for relationship building, but social shouldn’t work alone, any more than print, email, or any other channel should.

These trends and predictions show us that Mobile, Content Marketing, Email Marketing, and Automation all work together to be successful, and the future of digital marketing is only going to prove this more true over time.