Media is the Message

Omnicom will buy up to $100 million in ads on Instagram (owned by Facebook) this year. The ads on Instagram so far have been limited to using people’s Facebook profiles in order to target them, but working with Omnicom will allow the mobile platform to improve how it reaches audiences with each ad.

Daryl Simm, CEO of Omnicom Media Group said: “This is another example of media becoming the message.” READ MORE

The same message doesn’t get across to consumers as effectively without tweaks to the content to fit each new form of media. If people are consuming Instagram images at a rapid pace, then having ads there isn’t enough to reach them; the ads need to fit in with why Instagram’s images were successful to begin with. And they do.

We’ve seen this already in Promoted Twitter ads and Facebook ads, and Instagram’s early success proves its potential as another big player in social media advertising.

If the media is the message then automotive marketers need to be that much more aware of how to effectively use any given form of media to tell the right message.

Some consumers respond to an ad they see on TV, the newest email campaign in their inbox, or even an ad on Instagram, but each engagement can be influential in their final decision and needs to be tailored for the type of media it’s delivered through in order to be effective.

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