Outsell Launches NeuroMotics™ – Packaged Analytics for Automotive Marketers

Predictive Analytic Models Anticipate Customer Needs and Improve Sales

High performing marketing teams routinely use predictive analytics, statistical modeling and data mining to understand customer behavior, preferences and anticipate next actions. Unfortunately, statistical modeling tools are often prohibitively expensive, and moreover, there is a shortage of data scientists available – at any price – who know how to use these tools.

To bring the power of statistical modeling to its automotive clients, Outsell has introduced NeuroMotics™, a set of packaged predictive models that help automotive marketers anticipate customer needs, detect preferences, improve message timing, increase relevancy, and improve sales.

NeuroMotics™ helps dealers and brands to precisely target their customers with relevant messages based on their likelihood to:
• Purchase or service their vehicle within a given timeframe;
• Respond to an offer;
• Defect to another brand;
• Advocate for a specific brand;
• Prefer a specific vehicle class, model, feature or price point;
• Spend a certain amount over their lifetime.

NeuroMotics™’s field-proven models analyze existing dealer data sources. The resulting model scores are automatically integrated into individual customer profiles within the Digital Engagement Platform and are used in the ongoing campaign logic to inform offer selection, targeting and timing.

The bottom line impact of the models is reflected in easy-to-understand matched-sales reports and lift-against-control ROI calculations, where NeuroMotics™ clients are typically enjoying a sales lift of 15-20%.

“Our clients often lack the sophisticated tools and dedicated staff required to build effective predictive models in-house, yet these models are critical to helping them anticipate vehicle and service needs,” said Dan Smith, Vice President, Product at Outsell. “Outsell’s NeuroMotics™ models are “always-on,” giving our clients an accurate and up-to-date customer understanding that directly leads to superior sales results.”

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