Lead Nurturing Over Lead Generation

Lead Nurture Redo

It’s about Lead Nurturing, not lead generation.

Lead nurturing is building relationships and trust with consumers by providing relevant content that helps facilitate brand and product loyalty even before your prospects are ready to buy.

Targeted campaigns with applicable insights rather than purely sales content helps turn a prospect into an advocate of your brand, encouraging them to turn to you when they are ready to buy, even if they aren’t in the market now.

Consumers are so inundated with content marketing that having content that stands out is crucial. For example, sometimes an image can say the same thing as a paragraph of text but grabs the viewer’s attention that much more. The right content for the right person engages that consumer instead of prompting them to hit the BACK or DELETE button.

Outsell Insights found that a customer who is actively engaged in clicking on our content is almost 600% more likely to convert than a customer that sits passively on our distribution lists. Content that sparks engagement nurtures future sales.

A recent Forrester webinar revealed that the most used tools for successful B2B marketing are whitepapers, webinars, and videos. But lead nurturing isn’t only for B2B. Informative, easy to understand, and visual marketing appeals to everyone, whether another business or the consumer down the street.

Make sure your content is the right messaging for your prospects to nurture a relationship that lasts.