James Stites has been nominated as an Outsell Transformer for CUSTOMER & TEAMWORK!

James Stites, Account Development Representative, has been nominated by Rachel Ferrall for exemplifying the Outsell Values CUSTOMER & TEAMWORK.

“I’d like to nominate James Stites for Customer and Teamwork. James has been the dealers’ point person for both the Subaru and Volkswagen pilot programs. He has a great relationship with them, and I lean on his knowledge of their needs and personalities as James transitions the day-to-day support role over to me. When I dial into a meeting with one of the dealers, it is great to know that they have been taken care of up to this point, that they have valid and accurate expectations of the program, and also that James is willing to share his tips for a successful relationship with me so we can continue the pilot programs into full-fledged programs and opportunities for Outsell. I have big shoes to fill, but James has always been supportive and helpful in setting me up for great relationships with the dealers as well.” – Rachel Ferrall

Thank you, James, for going above and beyond!

To learn more about James, check out his previous nomination from last May for QUALITY & CUSTOMER.

Outsell Transformers – Outsell Associates who go above and beyond exemplifying the Outsell Values and Core Competencies. Learn more about the Outsell Values here.