Make Multi-Channel Campaigns a Wave of Success

The content marketing revolution is about expanding your multi-channel imagination.

Often videos on YouTube are thought of as the channel addition that captures an audience’s attention most and goes viral, but it’s about being able to reach different consumers on their channels of choice that really leads to success, especially consistently over time to encourage continued engagement.

Top Gear created a new interactive magazine to appeal to the tablet crowd, going above and beyond a simple pdf allowing for sounds, video, and 3D car images to name only a few innovative features to their new product.

“Sales and revenue have grown by 61% since the interactive edition launched in December and almost 50% of sales coming from the US App store, a key market for the brand.”


Outsell continues to see some of our greatest success in multi-wave campaigns, which go a step beyond normal eNewsletters and single emails by offering incentive for in-market consumers to purchase now.

In support of the Chevy Model Year End Event, Outsell created a behavior based multi-wave campaign to increase customer engagement and drive sales back to dealerships. The trigger was sent on August 1st and 8th—clicks on this campaign qualified customers to receive 3 subsequent wave emails. These waves announced newly released incentives with an increasing sense of urgency to buy before September 3rd.


• Over 1 Million people received the trigger campaign

• Nearly 36% of customers who clicked the trigger campaign interacted with at least 1 wave campaign

• Open rates for the 3 wave campaigns were 23% higher than typical open rates.

• Customer interaction quadrupled and drove over 3,100 sales and service transactions back to participating dealerships.

Some consumers respond to ads they catch on TV, a Facebook ad in their Timeline, maybe the opportunity to chat on a dealer’s website, or the newest email campaign in their inbox, but touching them at all of those points consistently over a period of time increases success ten-fold.