Outsell Unicorns – Say Goodbye to the Perfect (Losing) Season

As many of you may know, the Outsell softball team is a special bunch. This year dubbed the Outsell Unicorns, they have a lot of players that give it their all week over week and yet somehow came up empty handed at the end of each game last season, and so far this season. Well that trend has vanished! Thanks to the powerhouse players recruited this year, the Outsell Unicorns have recorded their first victory in league history! Though the path has not been easy, the victory is still just as sweet. Let’s see how this all has transpired for the tattered bunch…

Week One – Versus Cooper Troopers
As with many games, the journey starts with the first pitch…and it was a ball. The Unicorns showed up ready to play and took to the field with guest players Nora and Karen. The first game was rocky at first, but the Unicorns came back and put up some good numbers but still recorded the loss. The second game was not as bright. The confidence was there, but the double header was starting to wear on people. The game eventually ended with a devastating loss, but higher spirits (thanks to Karen and Katie G who provided refreshments).

Week Two – Versus DOA
Week two got off to a great start! We had a record number of players show up including two guest players, Andrea and Julie. The other team was not as lucky with their turnout, so Amy Van Schepen, Andres Perez, Yasser Pinero, and Michael Tomiak elected to play for the other team over the course of the night. There were a lot of bright spots for the Unicorns including monstrous hits and great fielding, but it was not enough to get past the other team. DOA ended up recording the victory by one run in the last inning of play. Then, with their engines ready to go, the Unicorns took the field for game 2 smashing DOA with hit after hit and recorded their first victory! Cheers rang out, cans were clinked, and the perfect season was shattered. Celebrations continued into the night for the Unicorns and their ticker-tape parade is scheduled for later this week.

With momentum on their side, the Unicorns will again take the field next week in another double header extravaganza at Bryn Mawr Fields (601 Morgan Ave. S Minneapolis, MN) at 6:00 and 7:00. Interested in joining the team? Contact Amy Van Schepen (amy.vanschepen@outsell.com) for more details.

To Our Fallen Heroes…
Katy Lymann – High Ankle sprain, out 4-6 weeks
Erik Bergstrom – Muscle pull, sidelined 1 inning