Know Your Customers Better to Sell More

It goes without saying that the more a brand knows about their consumers, the more targeted they can engage with those consumers, and therefore appeal to individuals on a personal level—which, ultimately, leads to more sales. Consumers want to communicate through their channel of choice and receive information tailored to them. Being able to drill down into each of your customers’ full purchasing lifecycles is a must for determining future behavior and current interests to maximize engagement.

“The compelling nature of the customer experience largely depends on how relevant the dialog is to their current state of mind. This is where data can really shine. By using the data in your CRM system in concert with online click data, you can seek to know more about your customers and use that insight to engage with them in new and innovative ways.”

–Jennifer Bunner, Outsell’s Director of Insight, Dealer Marketing Magazine


Customers change. Over time, brands need to be prepared to change their approach to consumer engagement to match how their customers’ circumstances are different.

Dan Smith, Outsell’s VP of Product, was recently quoted in 1to1 Media saying that brands need to look at the potential income of individual consumers. A first-time buyer out of college might buy one kind of vehicle, but his second purchase might change as his spending power increases. Brands need to ensure positive consumer experiences with all demographics to encourage loyalty in consumers who might not purchase from them now, but who might choose their brand more frequently in the future as their circumstances change.

Know your customers, now and as they change and grow over time, to better target to their needs and encourage them to engage with your brand.